Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ok, Im not a Christian, or Jewish, I'm an Atheist, I have been since I was about 16, and the older I grew and learned more the more I realized I was never going to change and I only believed in fact such as Science. Now that being said, I know that religion is very controversial and everybody gets upset and up in arms, but this , you gotta bet, is the saddest thing you ever heard. In Europe a number of countries have gotten together to make it illegal to throw a homosexual in jail or to in,  very severe circumstances, kill them. Seems fair right? Makes sense. Well the Vatican has said that it will not join this union. It has decided to stay within the group of Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Burundi, Afghanistan, and Sudan and 80 other counties who support the punishment of homosexuals with a jail sentence and even death. Way to go Vatican! WOW. That is DISGUSTING. I thought the Catholic way was all about acceptance but I guess all my years in Catholic school have been a fluke. Who knew? Regardless, I know that all Christians are not the same my best friend supports gay rights and shes a hardcore Christian. But is this the sort of message they want to send? Doesn't seem appropriate to me. Hmm...Well Click on the title to read the original article...you really gotta read it to believe it.