Saturday, January 31, 2009

I am now 25. Happy Birthday!

So today is my 25th birthday. And it started really rough, I had a bad work day on Friday, but the first person to call me was Mr. Laws and that was cool. Then I started to cry, yes people I cried for about an hour. LOL, I can laugh now, but I just felt like here I am 25 and I really want to do my photography and I feel like I should be more along than I am. But I had Just and Ian, really really hold me down. They helped me, and they consoled and then gave me the tough love speech. So now I am feeling a lot better. So thanks a lot Just and thanks a lot Ian. Tonight is my party and I am feeling a lot better so now it really really is time to party. All my friends are coming and I am so excited! So FU 25! I'm still young. LOL

Friday, January 30, 2009

Can I get some fries with that...Burger Bed!

So funny and cute! 

Beautiful shot of a cliff diver..Mexico

Crazy, and just such a beautiful shot, their cliff divers.

Bush's shoe throwing a monument...

Yes people, the nation of Iraq has made a giant shoe in memory of the whole thing. Nice. Wow. Article here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hopefully my next tat...

Hey guys! So if you don't know....I love tats, I think that they are expressive of who you are and that they tell a story. So anywho that being said I picked my next tat, problem is, freaking Angelina Jolie has it and I cant stand her...LOL..Anyway its: "A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages" it is by Tennessee Williams. It is so beautiful and so how I feel about life, but yea I don't want it cause Mts. Jolie has it and that kinda sucks LoL. But it isnt hers,  and I didnt get it from her I got it looking up stuff. LOL so we will see, but it is such a beautiful quote. 

Amazing Pic...

WOW, okay as we all know I am obsessed with Space, and well look at this photo its the inside of a space shuttle taking by an extremely high resolution camera, and oh yea...there's Earth...sigh, I wanna go to Space.

This is just so sad...

So this guy who got fired and was all down and out, decided that he should just kill his family, cause he cant provide for them. So he killed his wife and FIVE kids, then killed himself. I mean I get it, your depressed, but come on, life is life, people die daily and other people suffer without them and your just gonna take away life like that? I don't get it. You can read the article here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random day...WOW.

Ok guys, I must share the most random day with you. So I went to work, everything gravy, then my friend Tara, was like, lets go to Brother Jimmys so we did have two fishboal drink (WOWZAH) Im not a big drinker at all, so we decide to get matching tats. So now I am a pround owner of a small tiny green fish behind my ear, and she a small tiny yellow fish behind hers. LOL, I swear people, only me and her would do some random random stuff like that, and I wont even tell you about the tattoo artists....jeez..LOL
PS I'm going to bed, but I will post a pic this week with hers and mine when I see her for my b-day party. 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I can not rave enough about Slumdog Millionaire...

Okay, yea you should just close the computer now, and go see it, right now. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen, and seen in a long time. It is unbelivably beautiful. The story is amazing, its sad, its heartfelt, its emotional. It is shot in such a nitty gritty way. You see the real India, the real way that it was before it became more of how it is now, modern and such, it's still not like the rest of the world, but it is booming. Anyway, I'm sure everybody knows the story, but for those who dont... and without giving anything away, it's about this guy Jamal, who gets to go on "Who wants to be a millionaire?" That's all I'm gonna say, not a peep from me. But the way it is shot, and the way the questions are "shown" amazing. You will know what I am talking about if you go see it. It was so good, and I am totally in love with the main character Jamal (Dev Patel) his acting was really good, and he is just so heartfelt, the character obviously. Sigh, I am going to drag other people to go see it with me, again. Go See It! 
P.S. I'm a total indie film fan, I watch a lot of them especially being in New York you always get them here, and they are always I seem so much better than the mass audience ones. 
P.P.S Im heading downtown to go buy the soundtrack good.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Michael Cera is gonna get Me.

Okay so...As you can tell from said chart  ^  Michael Cera is holding out for a umm..maybe we should just kill him off? Have him eaten by a seal? I am getting resentful here.. I know I know it won't be the same, but What The Fudge? What do you  think Cera? That everyone would sign on including Ron F-ing Howard and they would not make sure the script is great?! I'm rambling cause I'm pissed!!! Ron Howard said on "Morning Joe" this week that he understands if the actors have to read the can watch a short video of him kinda defending Michael Cera, when we really know what he really wanted to do  was call him a punk...

Spain getting deadly winds..4 boys killed...

Spain, where I was born, is getting deadly winds, at a sports arena a side collapsed and killed 4 boys and in 5 separate incidents people have died because of the wind. Insane so sad. You can read more about it here.

Brazilian model dead, so sad...

This model, so sad died, after getting her feet and hands amputated.  She had contacted a deadly infection septicemia, which is an infection of the blood. So sad, she was so young, stuff like that always scares me. Their so rare and to think that you have something so deadly, and so suddenly is just so devastating. You can read more about it here. She was only 20 years old.

Friday, January 23, 2009

SO...Obama gets to keep the Blackberry!!!

Awesome, see don't come between a man (or woman for that matter) and a Blackberry!!! Hell yea people!!! More reason to celebrate, and now he's being really serious about everything, I mean he always was, but now it's like he's like...yea I'm charming, but now we getting down to business. I love it...but you guys already knew that. LOL, article here.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Super cool futuristic lamp!

Cool right! Yea awesome a must have...LoL...its from this site that sells crazy furniture...oh yea..and the cost of their stuff is umm to say the least astronomical...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Umm...I love Jessica Alba right now...

So Jessica Alba, called Bill O'Rielly an "A-Hole" I love it. I really do, now I'm a total fan, plus she takes a small dig to Fox News while she's at can see the super short 45 second video here.

Caroline Kennedy drops out...

So the rumor is that Caroline Kennedy  dropped out of the race...I dunno...I kinda liked her...people said she had no political experience but I mean she came from a political we will never know...
P.S. I love this picture...

Wooden Vespa!

Cool little are piece here right? And it really works and rides too, real cute! 

Out With The Old, In With The New!!!!

So this pertains to many things, one, Obama, and two, me and my ex. Breakup's suck, but the way it went down was in no means a good thing. I did everything I could, and I have that to keep me in check, but you know...I learned that regardless of everything, people will get tested, and some hang and most don't. I can hang, I hold my stuff down,  I'm loyal as hell...if you can't then maybe it was never gonna work anyway ...people will always show their true colors, now or later when you really need them, a real real test and well...I am now single ;) not a bad thing, I'm an Aquarius (shut up Josh, shut it Ian ) and I can be frigid and aloof as hell, so yea no, when I'm done, I'm done. So starting the new year fresh. Obama, new job, and doing my thing...not bad...not might just have to take a trip out to LA one day...just for a weekend, I'm a New Yorker to the fullest LOL..

Yes! We are now sans Bush!

So yea, Obama is in and Bush is out! Very exciting, I cried when I saw him get sworn in, I dunno I get very emotional with people who succumb such obstacles. I love it, and well I like him so, it's gravy, plus I love Hilary too and she's in the cabinet so its all cooool! Very excited, and he ain't playing around...I love it...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Im excited about Inaugural day!

So excited! I wish I was actually bad... but hey I'm gonna watch it on TV and I'm gonna cry a little for sure. How great to see such history in the making! We are living through it, aren't you excited? Who ever thought it would actually happen and you know what, 50 years ago blacks and whites were not allowed to be together and now we have a black president. I love it. I really do. Because it's not about him being black, it's about the fact that he was the better choice and people saw past the color and into the true character, and that is awesome. 

No, McCain that's not how you hold a baby...

Obama once again, showing how it's done. Sigh, could the pic get any better? I have a mean crush on Obama. LoL , the man exudes cool, calmness and assertiveness. I am a personality person, and people always show their true colors, eventually, some bad, some good.  When your friends and partners finally get tested, you really know who's worth it and who's not. And I think Mr. Obama is where it's at. I'd love to have him as a friend! I feel like he would give me tough love. LoL.  

Martin Luther King Jr, google shows much love.

I love the Google site picture of today. Martin Luther King Jr. was a special person and a leader, and I love that google showed such love. Hope everyone took a moment to reflect :) 

Ugh DS games where are you?!

So I have a DS Lite a pretty pink one...but you know I don't have any games, I really don't see anything that I really like. I like games like Mario and stuff like that, but there are no games out there that are like that. A lot use the stylus which I don't like. So wack guys. Anybody have an good DS games I don't know about? Anybody play MillionHeir? Sigh, I hope I find a good game soon, I wanna use it but there really are no good ones, like Mario ones, and I played them all. They need to release the Mario franchise game more often!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Um Madonna?

Okay so, she has my dream phone...which everyday I keep getting weaker and weaker and will just end up buying...but umm..I could not get over her hands...I know she is getting older but really threw me for a loop. Click on the pic to see it bigger, and is it just me or is she starting to look like Lil Kim?

Circuit City...Done.

So sad, its done, filed for bankruptcy and there is gonna be a lot of people without jobs, sucky man. Real sucky. 

I gotta tell ya...I'm on a Kanye trip like no other...

I really am, I mean yes the man has an ego like no other. But his whole individual personality is flyyy. I really gotta tell you, I was really turned off with the whole dis to Britney thing, cause well, it was just foul, and He can be such a baby, but aside from that LoL...he is a talent and I'm addicted to his current album. And...well he really really is easy on the eyes...Ah Gemini's anybody out there a Gemini? You talented people you...Aquarius power! LoL

NO peanut butter!

So there is salmonella in some peanut butter products and until they narrow it down, everybody should be cautious with the good PB & J. Be careful! You can read more about it here. 

New "real" teen mag.

So there is a new Australian magazine for girls, that celebrates "real girls" its a teen mag, and there is a strict no airbrushing rule and no celebrity covers, very cool, finally...too bad its for teens, maybe we can get a real one for us woman now, cause If I see one more Cosmo with the most air brushed Jessica Simpson or something I'm going to scream. I don't even look at them anymore I can not take the stupidity. Articles like: See how much he loves you by how he walks into a restaurant or some crap like that.  Dumb stuff. Even the guy mags can be so dumb, with articles on how to cheat on your mate, or how to tell if she really thinks your good in the sack. Dude, you should be able to tell, that's all I'm gonna say about that one. So yea, I applaud the new teen mag, now if we can get a "real" mag for woman. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Everybody is pregnant! Jeez...

Kelis is pregnant and so is Kimora Lee!  How cute! Everybody is making babies!

Watchman will be released! Finally

So yes, finally, the dispute has ended and it supposedly  being released March 6. Not bad! 

So Beyonce will be singing on Obama's big day.

Beyonce will be singing at Obama's Inauguration, wowzah...not bad, pretty cool, she wasn't supposed to say what she was gonna sing but she let it slip...she will be singing "At Last" 

New virus out on PC's.

So there is a new virus infecting over 8 million PC's. Sheesh, you know I'm a Mac for a reason, but they say its one of the most aggresive they have ever seen, if you have a PC you could see more info on it here. 

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Cold cold everywhere!!! I'm just gonna snuggle it up F this LoL,  when I come back from work I do have to run some errands...eek! maybe I'll push it to tomm...LoL SoOoOoO Cold! 

Steve Jobs...leaving for a while...

So Steve Jobs is on medical leave, I dunno guys its not looking too good. It sounds like a total case or PR spin and the  poor man is dying. It would be sad I gotta tell you, he may have his manic ways but he is still a genius and nobody wants to die. Especially having as much money as he does, and knowing that it will no do any good in the long run for his just sucks. One of my favorite quotes:  All the gold in the world cannot buy a dying man one last breath, so what is today worth? ....You just never know, you never know when your gonna need someone and their just going to be gone, or when you realize your mistake and it's been too long. People can change, I do believe it. But you gotta want it. And not having another day to make your own, having everything available to you, is something that should awake all those people worried about small things that don't even mean anything in the end run. Cause when it comes down to it, all of us here reading this have a computer, so we have a house, food, friends everything. I dunno, I'm a simple person. I know what I have and what I need and I also know what I want, not need, although the line is sometimes blurry....there's always a line. 

Spiderman Obama comic!

Everybody wants Spiderman! Even Obama! Well very cool indeed, the comic book sold out in 20 mins. So it's a done deal I'm sure we will soon be seeing it on Ebay for thousands of dollars. Sigh. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bullcrap, my mom got mugged.

So my mother got mugged, in the freaking Pathmark parking lot, guy just came behind her and took her bag. She's really upset and I've been on hold over and again to block off her credit cards and all her stuff. They took everything, her wallet, her job ID, her cellphone an iphone which she's very very upset about. Freaking people I swear, I actually have been mugged as well. Once someone stole my bag and another two guys ran at me and jerked it from me. Crappy man. Really crappy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Openly gay priest will deliver the invocation at Obama's big day

Very cool. He was the first openly gay bishop, he came out in 2003.  You can read more here.

Mariska Hargitay's in the hospital.

One of my fav actresses and one of the two reasons I watch Law and Order: SVU...the other being my baby Chris in the hospital, there is a lot of speculation going on but what we do know is that, she has a collapsed lung, but nobody knows how that happened. So sad, I hope she gets better fast, that's my girl! And fellow Aquarius...

So the Giants lost...

Very Very Very sad. Sigh. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oooo Super Bowl The Office episode!

All I know is that I have to watch it, as if I don't already, but now more than ever since...Jessica Alba and Rainn Wilson will me hooking up...Whaaat? I have to guys should too. I mean who doesn't love some Jim! The best guy ever...sigh...

Real life flying car!!!

Whoah! World's first flying car! Cool, right? It changes from a weird looking car into a full fledge plane LoL...You can read the article here. Its awesome!

So this is my new favorite song...

So this is my new fav song, for more reasons than one...that being said it is such a great song, I was sleeping on the album I gotta tell the video is amazing but I can't get the actual video they are all blocked off for now...but if you see it, it's very good. The man is original and very easy on the eyes...and a real talent, he is def gaining more of my respect than before..still has an EGO...

Ummm... I want...NOW

New Baby size ! How cute is this it is fully pimped out mind you...It's serious...for more info and pics you must click here...

Prince Harry's makes a racist remark...

Apparently Prince Harry called a soldier "Paki" and another "Raghead" it was caught on read the  full article click here. Wackster buddy but he did dress up as a Nazi for Halloween so...tsk...tsk...

Colin and the 90's what's better than that?

Nobody dresses the way my baby Colin dresses, cause he does 90's like nobody's business. And we all know how I love 90's inspired clothes! Very cool.  I Love the 90s!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bono will be a new columnist for the New York Times

It will be covering everything so I'm sure it's gonna be a lot of ranting and guilt trippin which is fine cause we all need a little reminder sometimes of just how lucky we really are, and even when things seem tough, it always passes. We are lucky to have that kind of opportunity, so I will take a little Bono getting mad at me and making me volunteer any day. Although I have volunteered so, at least I have that...LoL

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Transformers Poster!

New Transformers looks like they mean business...LoL.  The first one was really really good. Action throughout the whooole thing. 

Obama's own Ice Cream flavor!

The new flavor from Ben & Jerry's ! How awesome is this?! Plus when you buy it this month they will donate its proceeds to Common Cause's  Education Fund! See who said something so good was so bad for you? 

He got kicked out! Rod Blagojevich...tsk tsk

The man got impeached and he is still saying he is gonna fight it. I don't know if it is sheer stupidity or plain denial but either way he's nutty...Story

Getting closer...!

22 days till the big 25! Still planning where it is gonna be...hmm...

Instant printing camera!!!

Whaaaat! My dream! I love this thing!!! I think it's totally cool and a must have! I mean for those funny moments where you just took a funny pic and gotta print it and stick it in your car to remind you of that moment! I love, I'm sure it is not a seriously real deal camera but I still think it is pretty cool. To read all that it could do go here.

Thursday, January 8, 2009 this what your priest looks like??

Umm...these are priests from an upcoming Italian Priest Calender and it just me or...are they kinda too good looking to be priest...I mean...really? Jeez...Click here for the short article...

Old School!!! Bobby's World!!!

So one of my girls, works for FUSE and they had Howie Mandel on the show which had me thinking about Bobby's World!!!!!!! Does anybody remember this was the shizz! So funny!!!

Let Obama keep his BLACKBERRY!!!

So here we go again, the day is getting closer and Obama has refused to give his Blackberry. Everybody has something to say, oh well he should not be addicted...well maybe you dont have a Blackberry! But I DO. And it is serious...okay? LoL you can not go back to a cellphone no matter an iphone, no you just can't. That being said, I feel like nobody is seeing the bigger picture. The man is the President of the United States. Should he not have any kind of frequent on going convos with people in the outside world besides all the people now around him that he has not know for a long time? Imagine you, you move to a new place and you are a CEO and sometimes you seek advice from an old co worker or something like that, and it helps you clear your head, you can not do that. Now you can only trust the people around you that are new, if he spent time calling all these people then he would be going nuts, shoots an email, not like plotting the next war...a regular email: Hey Stan, you remember what we spoke about? Yes or no, I'm on my way to the G8 conference just email me Yes or No or Maybe.  WTH..Plus! Plus!... The thing that really peeves me is that, they are saying well it could get hacked. Really? So the prez has to be without a Smart phone because you can't find someone smart enough to make some kinda protection software virus hacker protector? I mean the man is the President I would think he had connections??? I dunno... I mean, he's not stupid, give the man some credit, jeez.

23 Days And Counting!!!!! Till the BIG 25!!!!

My B-day is 23 days away!!! I'm turing 25...old...sigh...

Friends Forever!

One of my best gals Just ( my fellow BB user, yes! ) is coming tomm to chill with me all week and then some! Sleeping over and all! Fun, plus one of my friend's B-Day is this Friday...I might just have to stop by...LoL...Yeh! For true long time friends, I don't know what I would have done without them...I will be taking some pics and share next week...I'm sure there will be some stories...Cause what are friend's for, but to buy you that one beer too many...LoL ...JK..I actually don't drink much. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Blackberry Curve 8900, cute, but no Bold!

The new Blackberry 8900 is the new Curve, I think its cute, but it is too small for me, I really like the Bold that is my next one...sigh...I'm gonna start saving for that sexy baby. But this one is cute and it is super clear. T-mobile will be releases it February 11. 

WowWee! Can I get in on the bailout?! Shoot!

The porn industry is going to be proposing a bailout plan to see if Congress is down for it...umm..hmm..I dunno how I feel about it....To read the actual article in case you don't believe me LoL...Click away here...

What will Obama look like in 4 years in Office? Like this:

Still not bad I think. Not bad at all, he has the pep in his step, so I feel like regardless he will always have that "to cool for school" look and persona. 

Jett Travolta...Suspicious death?

So everybody is saying how Jett Travolta's death is a little suspicious...and I hate to say it but yes. I mean from what we know he did not have Autism...but everybody said he did but the Travolta's say that he did not...yet we know that Scientologists do not believe in Autism to them it is a lesser being that is not unlocking his or her mind correctly. on top of that, what he supposedly died of...Kawasaki Disease, does not cause seizures. So now it's kinda like they lied, and already cremated the body...You can read a fast summery here and see the photos that were photoshopped after he died....

Good Day!

So after having some tough first days in the New Year, I am feeling a bit better ( all thanks to my girls and guys: Nina, Gaby, Just, Tara, Luigie, Josh, Sean and so many more who were there to listen )  I had been looking for a job for a while, then I started a program of Pharm Tech and stopped looking. Now that that's over I had to look for a new job...which was proving very difficult ( I have to wait to take the Tech Exam till around March )...until...I ran into one of my old managers I told her what I was going through that I was kinda..down...and she offered me a new job at my old job...(same place different job) so now I'm part of the new team to create the new website my boss wants! How great is that? So it's been a good day! I will be doing customer service and helping the layout...very cool. Plus I love my co-workers It was one of the saddest things to have to leave them, they are great. And since I want to do my Photography Website soon, and will be meeting with my friend/business partner this week to take some more pics. So this pic up there is of one of my best dudes, Luigie. He passed out on my couch, on New Year Eve, so funny. But he came through for me, so much love to him. Thanks Luigie, thanks Just! 

So you drunk? Your horny...

So a new scientific study says that if your drunk...your horny...tsk tsk, another part of why drinking needs to be moderate....unless its a birthday...and mine is coming up!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hmm...not sure about this...Sanjay Gupta?

So...Obama wants to appoint Dr. Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General...I do not really know how I feel about this...I have to learn more about it...I mean I like it, cause I like him...but I he too much of a celebrity? I dunno...hmm..what do you guys think? I mean there's no doubt about it...he is smart as hell.....

Oh Shizzle...Obama's new car...

The new presidential ride....nice right? Yea protection is the key...nice ride...

Are you gonna see The Wrestler?

Everybody is talking about this movie, it's insane! I think I might just go see it Friday or something cause I mean their have been some good movies out but this one is really kicking ass. So we will see, they said it is Mickey Rourke's comeback so I'm gonna try to check it...anybody else? Or anybody already seen it?

Mac Mac Mac everywhere...

So today the tech news is abuzz, as it is Macworld, and we will be drowning in Mac mania, which is cool with me cause well I have a mac and I love it, although I dropped it..and it's a little but it's a trooper, as am I! 

Anybody wanna work for the FBI? Their hiring!

The FBI is hiring like crazy, 850 agents are needed and 2,100 staffers...jeez! Let's get on that shall we?? LoL, if I had the real want to do something like this I would I mean, that's a lot of positions to fill. Anybody thinking about owning a sexy badge?LoL... Article here.

Essence making big political steps for Obama

Very cool, for the first time ever, Essence the highest selling magazine for black women, will have the first time, a full time white house reporter...very cool...shows the steps being taken for all Americans that want unity. You can read more here.

Ne-Yo is a no show...wack

Ne-Yo was a no show to a New Years Party that a lot of people paid a lot of money for including up $1,200 for a VIP table. What a loser, that's foul, respect your fans! They can make you and break you!