Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Pics of Dali's House

These are two more photos of Dali's house as you guys can see there was some real serious tunnels and stuff, the lady in the green is my step mom she's the best, and the other photo if you look closely there looks like there is a woman standing all the way in the back...its actually a mannequin which Dali put to scare unwanted visitors if they were to try to break in. He was quirky, I'll post some more, it takes a long time to load on blogger for some reason so I'm trying two at a time. 

This is just an amazing picture of an amazing photographer.

This is an amazing picture of the one and only and one of my personal favorites Annie Leibovitz. She is simply amazing and this is a remarkable picture. It is actually someone else taking a picture of her while she was shooting the NYC skyline. It is a rather older picture. That is her right on the ledge, how amazing? I think the only way I would have the guts to do that is,  probably if I was standing there...I mean I would have to see the view from there. Have to, I may say no at first but once I get closer I would have to see...have to.

Competitive Obama!

Mr. President-Elect is here back on April 5, 2008, right before he went out to do a speech, two aids did each two pull ups, so you know he had to go and do three. I love it, shows humor and character! There are more. Click on the title for the link.

Somebody is getting married...

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom will be getting married, he popped the question...ahh the festive season...

Whitney and Bobby!

We were hearing how Whitney might get back with Bobby and whew that was just a rumor...*sigh* Thank Goodness! Thats the last thing we need , please! We barely just got over Brit!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My pics of when I went to go see Dali's house!

The beds are his and hers. They were where Dali and his wife slept, his whole house was like a maze, and they each had a little room separately for their endeavors. The painting is just as he left it, half done. As you can see they are of his wife and himself. He was painting himself painting his wife! How cool is that. He was very eccentric and of course a genius. He had secret rooms, turns and tunnels all over his house. It was astonishing. Very very cool and def an experience. 

I miss the 90's like no other...

I Love the 90's...I love the Docs with the leggings and skirt. I love it all! The Chucks with the plaid shirt, Nirvana,  all of it. Why can't we have a throw back to the 90's! I love it! Lisa Loeb is someone who I really like, the way she dresses and her cuteness! She's feisty but still feminine and totally tomboyish too! *Sigh* I think I'm gonna go ahead and watch "Singles" ...

Hmm...this I might wanna check out...

Robert Pattison will be playing Salvador Dali in a new movie called "Little Ashes"...very exciting. I def wanna see how this turns out. I actually went to were Dali lived in Catalonia, Spain. I was born there and I go back every chance I get ( Catalonia not Dali House...LoL)  My dad took me there along with my boyfriend Sharod. It was crazy to say the least... I will put some pics after this post. 

Winona Ryder is stealing again...*sigh*

Winona Ryder wore 125,000 dollars worth of jewels to an event in my homeland Spain, and she was supposed to return it, it was lent from Marie Claire...And she hasn't given it back...she said that she gave it to the Hotel clerk for safe keeping...but there is no video of her giving it back and the jewels are shes being investigated...really Winona...really??

Batman has DIED!

Batman has died, I wont tell you anymore cause I don't want to spoil it for you all, but def google it...cause its happened! Sad. Robin will be taking over.

Rosie Cancelled!!!

Ha! Karma! She is rude, she invites drama, she is just trashy and craves attention like moths to a flame. I think she's a disaster. That being said her show was cancelled. After one airing. ONE. She only got 5 million viewers and horrible ratings all around. Barbara Walters Team! 


Amy Winehouse has filed for divorce, yea I cant believe it either this is a  rumor and I really hope it true, cause it will be the first sane thing she has done in forever. It only took her way to long and she only did it because he was "shagging" someone else after she paid for all his lawyer fees. I don't get...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Really? Whats going on?...Please people relax..

Two people have died in a shooting in Toy R Us, because of the whole Black Friday mayhem, thats all thats been released to the media, but apparently nobody is in custody, people dont know how to act...come on people relax...

My hopefully future bag...

This is a Timbuk2 bag its a special edition as you can see from the old school logo. I want it for my future career! It will hold my Macbook and I'm very excited to get that going! And its at a good price too! 60 beans...not bag not bad at all, Timbuk2 quality is very tough to beat.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama is really tugging to keep his blackberry!

Obama tells Barbara Walters tonight that he is fighting to keep his blackberry, I would too! I can't live without mine, (Right babe?) he has a lot of reasoning too, he says that he wants to know what's going on outside his cabinet and what people are saying etc. I agree with him, because if he can't email and he's all over the place traveling and doing all the duties that a president has to do, he can't just stay on the phone all day. Its about time that the president has email and internet, its now a norm, and it just seems a little dated for someone in the highest office not to have something that the rest of America uses on a daily basis. He has his own doctor that he travels with all the time, he has secret service and I'm sure some whiz can come up with a tech thingie to keep his email locked. I would die if I wasn't allowed to have my Blackberry...I.Would.Freak...You guys know you can email me whenever and ask me for my bbm pin. Stay safe! 

Im excited as all hell!!!

I'm so excited for this its not even funny! "Youth in Revolt" is in my top three books ever. I read it when I was 16, and I read it once a year, because it is so funny so in your face and just completely obnoxious in the best possible way! Michael Cera is going to play the main character Nick Twisp, I love him too! Only thing I'm worried about is the age. Nick Twisp in the novel is young he starts at 12/13 (He turns 13 early into the book) and I have a feeling that they made him older, which I guess is okay because of the whole "not everybody accepts such vulgarity from a young 13 year old" but I really hope they dont make him twenty or something, nothing older than 15 or 16. You guys should really check it out, its the funniest book you will ever read.  And I love Michael Cera!!!

Scary...and disturbing, be careful out there...

This is just scary and another testament that you can never be too safe, FBI uncovered a plot that suicide bombers are targeting the NYC subway system during the holidays. This is so scary I dont get it,  jeez, crazy people and it all stems from jealousy, at least thats what it looks like. Jealousy and ignorance. 
Click on the title to read the article (CNN) and yes read it. 

Im just gonna go out and say it...

Okay so, everybody knows by now that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are married and it shocked the world, blah blah right? Well now apparently she is pregnant, and to add fuel to the fire, Mariah was on Ellen this week, and Ellen asked her if she was pregnant to which Mariah didn't really say much, but then! Sneaky Sneaky Ellen!!! Said " Lets just celebrate with Champagne!" What is poor Mariah to do? admit she's pregnant? or take the fall of bad mother cause she drank while pregnant? well...a little bit of both, she took a teeny sip. Hmm..and I'm just gonna add for the record that I believe in the whole tattoo bad luck thing, so the divorce and feuding for the child is just something that sadly might just happen. They both have tattoos of each others name. And oh yea, they knew each other for like less than a month when they got married. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hmm...Picture Proof...

Im just saying that for her new movie that takes place way back when, she just looks like she has had too much surgery, I always knew she had done stuff but jeez...relax with the frozen face and this isnt even the worst of it. Nobody wants to age gracefully? A lil botox is cool dont get me wrong but when you look like a figurine I think its time to stop, plus she didnt need it! And all she is doing is making harder for me to believe that her face was like that in 1820's Australia. 
Or whenever it takes place! What I do know is that they still rode horses and they did NOT have plastic surgeons.

One step closer to equality!

In Florida it has become legal for gays and lesbians to adopt. Very Very cool, Like I always say: ''Im Straight, But I Still Care!" 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I dunno what to think...

The second book of the series Twilight will be made into a movie because of how well the first movie has done this weekend...I hope they get another director! Cause if not, I dont think I will be dropping $12.50 on it. Im tainted enough. 

This is true 90's NY...and I love it...

I know that a lot of people dont miss the 90's and Im a bit young to really miss it, but when it comes to the movies and the style of clothing I love it! I love the Lisa Loeb I love the Alanis Morissette thing, I love it all, and this style that Kristen Dunst is wearing is uber cool.  I love it. Different strokes for different folks!

Umm...I dont know what to say...

This is from Perez, but  I had to show it, cause its just so funny...LOL

This was in Time Mag, and its too funny not to share...

How funny is that?!

Woman tries to hire hitman thorugh text

enough said. she got caught. and there was her inbox, because she's dumb.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

MTV will do an African Music Award Show

MTV will do for the first time an award show for Africa, they are hoping to broaden the base of the much talented music scene over there, this is amazing, so many people have so many judgements of how Africa really is, and this is going to change their minds and also educate many with the music and the people. Im excited! Click on the title to read the original story.

Blast from the Past!

No Doubt will be going on tour!!! Oh man this brings me all the way back to "Spiderwebs" and Maspeth, Queens LOL! Check their official site for dates if you wanna go.

Michelle Williams opens up to Newsweek

Michelle has spoke to Newseek about her ex Heath Ledger who accidently overdosed on perscription medication, she was there to promote her movie but the interviewer got her to talk about him, she said it was hard and it made her sad that paps bother her too much and she gets upset thinking that some are woman and still dont have the mentality to leave her alone when shes with her daughter. She was tearing and crying throughout the questions about Heath. So sad, and so shocking  that whole sitution with Heath Ledger, and that is something that you never get over especially when your daughter with him is the spitting image. 

BOO Catherine Hardwicke

First and foremost I have read the whole Twilight series and I know that it is mostly geared to girls, but it is a good story, a really good story in fact.  The writing is good too. I did not like the second book as much as the rest but nonetheless is was part of the whole story. That being said this movie was TERRIBLE. It was the worst movie I have seen in a really long time if not ever. It was cheaply made it was missing MAJOR essential character development and the fact that the director chose one of her friends to play Rosalie gave me a red flag from the get, but I could not understand how you can mess a movie up having such a great story. It means you must have worked hard to mess it up, Im really upset, I really really am cause this is such a good book and I will not go see any movies made by this director ever again! The director is Catherine Hardwicke, and she has done some legit stuff but she really messed this up Im surprised the studio allowed its release. Also a small tidbit the acting was not bad. Ms. Hardwicke what a let down, shame on you and your laziness.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rosie Has A New Show...

...and I dont care. Cause I think that she is terrible. She is just so miserable and its so obvious, all she can do is pick on every one else who is happy. She just recently ranted against Barbara Walter to which Ms.Walter responded by  making sense. 

Brit's Documentary!

Brit is gonna have a documentary special that has followed her since the disaster of the VMA awards, but she is now much calmer as we know. Its 90 minutes long and I gotta tell you shes  being pretty real from all the stuff that is being released. It will air on MTV, November 30.


Its looking like after Thanksgiving that Mr. President-elect  will nominate Ms.Clinton as Sec. of State!!! Im very excited!

Auto Industry denied! For now...

The auto industry was denied until they come up with a plan on how they are gonna use the money and make serious changes. What's that you asked? What should be first on their list? LOSE THE PRIVATE JET. The fact that they went  their to beg for money in their private jets is not only a smack in the face, its stupid which shows me that even if I gave you the money you wouldn't know how to use it correctly. So yes its sad that so many people will lose their jobs but I just dont think that it makes sense if anything I think the bailout money should go to the people who would lose their jobs because of the lack of the bailout. 

This is so sad...

A teenager was murdered for proclaiming his love in a letter to a girl in a higher caste in India. Us as American's sometimes complain about the injustice that is here, and there is,  you have a lot of racism and a lot of sexism here in the US but nothing like around the world. Sometimes Americans forget that they can  speak their mind and they can file a rape case. Its sad that in 2008 regardless of where you are there are still places that this exist, especially a country like India that has made some moves to be more modern, especially with their economy plans.

Click on the title to read the whole story. 

American Express...

....wants a bailout....

....Im gonna say....


Biden Birthday!

Could he be any damn cooler? 
No he cant, its a gift ;)

Cause when your right, your right!

Bill Maher is many things, one being painfully honest and very liberal on top of that, he's smart as hell. He just is, you dont have to agree with him but he does make you think. That being said...I love Bill Maher  I would do anything to sit down with him and pick his brain. He is just amazing to me. He is very out there and he is very aggressive but..umm what woman doesn't like that?? I certainly do. He was on Jay Leno, yes I watched two days in a row, dont judge me. LoL, he was talking about the politics and all that and he said something so funny and so true that I had to share it with you guys. As if you didnt already know I voted for Obama and the man is not in office and he is already running the country better but whatever, anyway Bill Maher said that Sarah Palin was a MILF. wait wait...

Moron I'd Like To Forget...hahahaha...Oh man he really hit it. *sigh* I have always liked him he speaks loud he speaks clearly and he speaks from his intellect and not from  religion and I love him for that cause they aint to many out there like me. But he is. He's too smart and I know people dont like him for being so outspoken and brash, but I love him, cause he's not afraid to tell it like it is.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hey Guys!

Hey guys!!! Just a side note, you can now post comments, it took me forever to figure it out but whatever, LOL. Anywho please leave a comment you have the choice to state your name or not, it only takes a second, also I have to verify it in order for it to show, but dont worry it goes straight to my blackberry so If you write a comment I will verify it fast. Its only for people who want to just curse out and that aint cool. You can disagree its totally cool, we are here to think! Just be respectful and I will have nooooo problem putting it up, if you have a valid point, you have a valid point and nobody can take that away from you! Especially not me! Also email me whenever and like I said If you have a blackberry let me know I'll pin you! Stay safe guys and let me know if there is anything that you want me to post or write more about!

Chris Matthews makes sense

Chris Matthews was on Jay Leno last night, Im not a huge Leno fan but he does pull in the bigs, so I watch it when someone interesting is gonna be on. Chris Matthews is very black and white, some people hate him some people love him, Im honestly on the fence about him because I dont watch him frequently, I hear bad things I hear good things but regardless he made a couple of good points last night while on Leno, and I gotta say I dont get a bad vibe from him. He says that when the CEOs have a bad year as the ones that needed the bailout, they should not be allowed to make so much money, they basically make the same amount of money as when they have a good year, and thats not fair. Another point is that he says that when kids leave HS they should have the opportunity or choice  to just work in a factory or other places, that not everyone wants to go to a liberal arts school and do computer software. It makes sense, hes a smart guy and makes some really valid points.  Larry the cable guy was there and was so annoying he interrupted Chris Matthews not one, but three times with his stupid dumb jokes and even insulted him, which to me is ridiculous, I mean you make money yelling about how your a redneck and dumb...really? You're gonna pick on Chris Matthews? *sigh* Chris took it like a pro and laughed and ignored him, because he is a gentleman. 

**Click on the title to see the full segment, its not long, also when you get to it, just click Chapter 5, on the left, so you dont go looking for it...I got you :)

Amazingly beautiful...

Isn't this mesmerizing? This is a real photo, not a computer image. Its from the Moon. It was taken in April 2008. Its from Nat Geo and they have a couple more but their computer engineered this is one of the few that s not. There is even video, click on the title for link.


Because who does not love Dr. House. a new survey said that people prefer him to their own doctor...Shoot! me too! who wouldn't? he may be a brute but he gets the job done! especially if there is something so difficult to figure out, I mean you want the best right??? well he is IT.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

D.L. Hughley disappoints.

Dan Savage
D.L. Hughley

I have always liked comedy...and I always liked the when comedy and the news join its great, like..John Stewart and Stephen Colbert  they are  great examples. However, sometimes this does not always go right. I'm CNN addicted I love it, I love Anderson Cooper, blah, blah, blah. Now, there is  new show on CNN, its with D.L. Hughley who is  a a sometimes funny guy, but at this, he is just plain terrible. First of all, He plays into the black stereotype which kills me, I feel like yes you are supposed to be funny but not at the same time making yourself look stupid. Dr.Drew the fame doc for celebrities was on the show and used what I thought was adult language, nothing above the norm. D.L. Hughley preceded to say '...use smaller words...all I got is a GED' 

this is your funny? your making fun of yourself like this? that just really bothered me. Then he had Dan Savage, pictured on top , on a segment about the same-sex marriage issue. Now yes I understand that not everybody agrees with me and thats fine. Im from N.Y. so this always hits me because I see gays and lesbians all the time they are my friends and they are people who do their country proud, the injustice is profound...moving on, so Mr. Savage tells him his side of the story how he feels its his right and so forth. now 1. D.L. says that all black people are rooted to religion and that he has never met a black atheist in his life. wow, a bit general dont you think? 2. D.L. proceeds to say that gay is a lifestyle. a lifestyle? really? like he or she has a choice in the matter? Like my lifestyle choice is to live in a studio in the city  because I rather be in a small apt than a big one farther in Queens..thats a lifestyle not being gay!!! 3. He wishes he was funny to pull these jokes off. 
He was the weakest link on "The Kings of Comedy" and he's the weak link here! Im not one to go to out of bounds and just start yelling like a crazy, but to me this is upsetting. Instead of being on and doing your homework on the subject at hand you stereotype yourself and thus make yourself not funny and look ignorant.You can tell that he did not do his homework, plus he felt that the ballet was confusing. If you are going to vote on something, educate yourself so that you dont feel like the idiot when you get to it, dont wait until the day off at the voting booth those things are never clear! come on! you have a show on CNN, CNN! you dont think that its gonna come up?! Anyway, hes no John Stewart. 

There is a full video on CNN and You tube. You guys should check it.

Britney says life is jail?

Brit Brit is saying that her new life is "jail" Im sure you all know by now its all over the news..but this is just upsetting she looks like she is doing so well! Is she just feeling like its to hard to be a good mom and daughter and have a good career??? Come ON Brit! People strive every day to  get to what you have, show a little appreciation...jeez.

Valerie Plame Is coming out with a book!

She is coming out with a Novel, she has not said if its going to be based on her life as a CIA agent and if she will use a little comeback for the Bush Admisntration who f$^#ed her over royally, by stating that she is a liar and that she put the country in jeopardy of terroists. In my google section I said to google her so hopefully some of you did and you know the whole story. Its mixed in with the fact that Bush and Cheney lied to Colin Powell as well to which the whole Iraq war started...its a mess and she and her husband were the only ones trying to break free the truth, they knew that the reasons were baseless because they were the ones that had to look up the info on to go to war or not...

UK's The Guardian is Reporting that Hillary...

...said that if she really does get offered the Sec. Of State that she will def take it. The Guardian is a well known and renowed newspaper so, it may not be for sure...but maybe we have a clue towards which side President Obama is leaning...

Monday, November 17, 2008

What a good lookin' Prez

exactly, relax...he has it all under control...

This is not looking good...

Citigroup is going to cut more than 50,ooo jobs...this really is not looking good...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

They will be meeting...

Future Pres. Obama and Senator McCain will be meeting for a mutual chat on the country. Wouldn't you wanna be a fly on that wall. Yea, me too.

Lost Beatles Record Could Be Released!!!

Paul McCartney is thinking about releasing a 'lost' recording of a song called "Carnival of Light" 
Click on the title for the full story. Amazing lets hope they release it, that would be very fun and def a breath of fresh air in all this crappy music! 

Wanda Sykes Comes Out

everybody is saying they knew this and I def did not but more power to her! for sharing her story. she said that the whole injustice of marriage has made her come out and show her support even more. I would like to know more cause I know she was married. Maybe she was confused. but not now! good for her for being liberated.

*Sigh* What are we gonna do with you?

Really girl? Really? come on already just go to rehab and stop messing around, what a waste.

I Love him already...

Rahm Emanuel at the 20th Annual Roast for Spina Bifida, where Mr. Emanuel said "Were scared of Stephen Colbert the way Sarah Palin is scared of a Geography Bee"  I freakin' LOVE this guy, talk about being ahead of the times and just being cool! Cause we already knew he was smart and a pitbull!!
P.S. Stephen Colbert was guest of honor! How cool is that?!


Pregnant Man, Pregnant Again! wow well I wish them all the luck, why dont they deserve the same as the rest of us. Its not weird or bizarre its different and different ain't bad at all.