Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Fam at Christmas...LoL

This was my fam on Christmas, were Spanish so we celebrate at midnight, I know we can't even wait, sheesh right? Anyway the bottom one is my baby cuz, shes 12, holding her brand new laptop, and the top is my aunts, my uncles and my grandma and cousins, and her bf ( my mom is being blocked my my cuz and their is like two people missing but you get it...) Do you see all that wrapping paper I had to clean up? Unfortunaty I wanted to take a pic with me but everybody was to busy ripping their stuff open, I could barely get this one. LOL, hope every one had a great holiday and the joy continues through the new year! Have a good one guys! Stay safe! P.S. Yea she played Santa....LoL