Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is just awesome...Tiny Revolutionary...

Tiny Revolutionary is a clothing line for kids and babies that uses organic material and is 100% sweat shop free, it also donates a portion to charity, its cute and teaches children about the environment and about the many different types of people on this beautiful place we call Earth, their are many tees that just embrace love and thinking green. You are being green, teaching your child about it and helping out someone in the process with the portions being donated...I mean its win all around.

Amazing Photo of a cave on Florida...

Isn't that beautiful? I wish I could see this, maybe I will, you never know, my true dream of course is to see in person a Blue Whale, their beautiful...

Amazing Photos of Earth Hour

Earth Hour was on March 28 and there are some great pics of major cities around the world turning the lights off, not entirely, obviously, but a good amount you can check out more here, great pics.

I don't like Fur jackets and such, their wrong, but at least if your gonna do it...

...make it look good...I mean what is happening with the fur...? Why do it to begin with? (Animals feel pain too) but ...If you must do it...do it right!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Get on your computer and try this! It's just fun LoL


I want it, NOW. Snow White and Mac!

Beautiful! And smart! No this is not my Mac , sadly. Although it is the Mac that I have, sans the sticker...I wonder where I can find this! I would so put this on it! It fit's perfectly, in High School I was called Snow White, because I had such fair skin and jet black hair...see profile pic to see the evidence of my pale ass skin. LOL

The way Love is supposed to be...siiiigh.

This is Beatrice and Walter Postings, they are both 101 years old and just celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. See, that's what it's about, what ever happened to commitment? And making it work? Not give up? Jeez man, I don't like this whole three, four marriages....it begins to lose its luster...sad. I'm no quitter. 

How Cute! Lil' Monkey!

It's a little monkey one of the few 1,000 left in the world, and one of the few that its only leaves. It's from Vietnam. How adorable is this little guy?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shooting started on Sex and The City ll

So you know what that means!!!!! I will be roaming the city in hopes of a glimpse! LOL, You can read more about what's going on with it here...

The Vatican is calling for worldwide boycotting of the movie "Angels and Demons"

Yea...worldwide...because nothing is going on in the world...that The Vatican should focus on a movie. Lovely. You can read the article here, insane.

14 year old charged with child porn for posting her own pics...

I just don't understand what is going here, but this is crazy...a 14 girl posted pics of herself naked on the internet and the police have charged her with Child Porn...you can see the short video clip of the news cast here.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The new Facebook layout sucks! And..its changing AGAIN.

So I guess I wasn't alone in hating the new Facebook. Ugh, its confusing, tacky and annoying all at the same time. Anywho, I guess Facebook is listening because they are going to change it again, click here to read the article and changes that will come soon.

Why? Why? Why? *shudder* When bad clothes happen...

Pixie Geldof

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Amazing Photo

I don't know...what to think about...PimpThisBum?

This is a website that...I don't even know to say yay or nay with this one...it's all so confusing...it was featured on CNN...and basically it takes donations to help a "bum" out...I dunno...just click...and thoughts? LOL

Such a beautiful quote, I had to post...

"If I had a flower for everytime I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever" 
-By Alfred Lord Tennyson
I think this quote is almost too beautiful.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boxed Water? Hmm...not bad...

Its not a bad idea, its a lot better than plastic, you can read more here.

Can you guess who her famous siblings are?

If you look well, you can see it for sure. She looks just like her sisters..the Olsen Twins.. She is the younger sister, her name is Elizabeth Olsen. 

"Rescue Me" filming in my neighborhood!

The show "Rescue Me" is being filmed in my neighborhood, you know that show with Dennis Leary? Well, no I have not seen him, but they are filming all week...they shut down the whole block....I would want to meet Conon O'Brien not Dennis Leary...their cousins...random right? 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When fashion goes too far....you get...this.

This is from China (Fashion Week I believe) and well it is creative...but come on...It looks a little S&M too me...LOL

Just one other reason to as why I don't eat red meat...

It cuts 10 years off your life. I'm sticking to my chicken and turkey, thank you very much. 

Jeez...Who is that?! Is that..Kanye? Umm...

Yes it is! He's, as you see, on the cover of Complex...it's supposed to be a futuristic layout...I'm gonna check this out...

Got my Curve 8900!!!!!!!

So after much love lost with the Bold I have not only gotten another Blackberry I have currently left AT&T and gone to T-mobile. I love AT&T and I love T-mobile so it's all love, but I'm loving the Curve 8900, I gotta say...I like it more than the Bold...who would have thought? LoL
P.S. I'll always love my red berry, you never forget your first LoL

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sylvia Plath's son Nicholas Hughes committed suicide.

Okay this is just sad everywhere, Sylvia Plath the famous author killed herself on February 11, 1963, by sticking her head in the oven. Her 47 year old son Nicholas Hughes, who was a marine biologist on March 16  committed suicide. What makes this so crazy, is Ted Hughes who was the husband of Plath, and who a lot think led Plath to her suicide...but that is a whole other story...he had a lover while with Plath and  who he had a daughter with, her name was Assia Wevill  she killed their daughter together who at the time was 4 and then she killed herself the exact same way that Sylvia Plath had. How crazy and freaky is that. He died in 1998 of a heart attack. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Exactly...AIG (Thumbs Down)

This AIG business is B.S.

Best Movie that not a lot of people have seen.

I saw this movie last year and I was thinking about it, decided to post it, this movie is great. It's in my top three, its tremendously lovely in plot and characters. It's called "Dedication."

My Dream Room...Siiigh...

Look at that! Jeez, I wish, I love open spaces and this takes the cake. I feel motivated to succeed just looking at this picture! 

Adam Sandler? Seth Rogen? Jonah Hill? ...Eric Bana? Movie?

This looks so good! Very good and heartfelt and it has an insane cast, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Eric Bana, Jonah Hill and even Jason Schwartzman! I'm very excited about it, wont lie. LoL..it's called "Funny People"

Portia De Rossi apologizes for marrying Ellen...Sarcasm at its best!

Sarcasm at it's best! I love it, and I love her LoL, Prop 8 is wrong, can't we all just see that love is love? Jeez.

No More Bold for Luna, she's going Curving 8900.

Love Blackberry...will never ever leave a Blackberry. That being said I Loved my Blackberry Bold and I really wanted to love it even more, but alas, it was not meant to be. It's software is good and the look is great, but the actual construction of the device, not so much. At first it wasn't a big deal but now, it just seems less and less sturdy as the days progress. So I will be leaving and going for the Blackberry Curve 8900 on T-Mobile, I played with it, and its fast and simple and the screen is incredible. Pic's to come tomm hopefully. LOL

Friday, March 20, 2009

Women History Month

Great pic of some awesome women!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hilarious "blackberry" ad. Just watch...

This is so funny, honestly. LOL

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Natasha Richardson has officially died.

A family friend has confirmed it, she died following a brain injury from a ski accident. This is so sad. Click here for a short video on her career from CNN. She was only 45.

Stop-Loss to be phased out, finally...

Stop-Loss is one of the worst parts of being a part of the United States Military, and finally now the goverment is saying that they will begin phasing it out, a very interesting article, def a smart read. Click here.

Audrey Tautou as Coco Chanel, lovely.

Audrey Tautou is in my favorite movie ever, Amelie, and she is now going to be playing Coco Chanel. A very admirable woman. I'm def looking forward to it, I love her and I love Coco Chanel, the actual woman, she went through so much and nothing ever broke her spirit. Click here for the trailer.

The Pope is ...umm a little dated...on these beliefs...

He says that condoms are not the answer for helping HIV/Aids...yea...I just don't know about that one...he says that it needs to be delt with morally...see thats the problem right there. It should not have anything to do with religion fact is fact. Condoms protect, peroid. Read here.

T.V. Hot spot! Obama is gonna be on Leno!

Thursday! NBC! I'm watching! 

So Sad...Natasha Richardson.

Natasha Richardson as most of you already know, was in a skiing accident, well The New York Times is reporting that she has is brain dead and that the actress' mother Vanessa Redgrave was seen going into Lenox Hill Hospital to say goodbye. Her body had been brought here to New York. She is the wife of fellow actor Liam Neeson, they have two children. It's so sad to hear something like this, it's sad because you think about all the pain her family is feeling and the loss of your soul mate. It's just devasting and just my heart goes out to them. You just never ever know what is in the cards, you have to appreciate every moment and learn that if doesn't kill you it makes you stronger. So hug someone you love today, and  tell them you appreciate them. 

Me and My Mom...

So I was trying to take a semi serious picture, for well, it's a long story, anywho, so I see my mom start to creep up behind me...and well that's the pic, so funny. I think she looks cute so I wanted to share LoL. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!!!

I will not be going to the parade I have to work, and I slept terrible last night, but maybe I will go out and have a green beer later on....

I finally saw It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia...

I finally saw it. I did. And...umm..hmm...not that funny? I mean..wait. I get it, The Gang gets does crazy stuff and their always running away....and their all losers, I get it. But...aside from the fact that I don't like any of the characters (except maybe Mac for eye candy?)...I just don't think its that funny. I think its like shock humor... I saw about 7 episodes and its always the same exact plot line....it's kinda boring. I dunno guys...everybody kept telling me...but I gotta say...I'm not that impressed...I'll watch it, but its def NO Seinfeld and NO NO NO Arrested Development. LOL

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tiny two headed turtle!

How adorable is this lil guy? And just awesome...I was roaming the internet and had to share it LoL

I think branding has gone a little too far...lets step back...

Hmm...I mean cute? But umm...really? Does my lollipop need to be Chanel? I'm fine with a Gap one sheesh...LOL

I'm real Late on this...but I LOVE it.

Yes. I am very very late on this, but to be fair I don't listen to the radio...I get most of my music from soundtracks, anyway I heard this in Tara's car and I spazzed. LoL...how could I have slept on Kings Of Leon, somebody hit me! But this song the words...I'm in love and his voice is amazingly unique...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

So once you turn 27 it really is all downhill...

A new study has found that once you turn 27 you offically start your decline into old age...nice...sigh. 

Wow what a Nose Job...

I mean hey, I'm all for moderate plastic surgery...because if it is going to make you feel better and have more confidence than I'm all for it...she does look a lot better with the nose job...

Awesome, Creative, Futuristic... Chanel briefcase...

WOW...I love it! How cool, creative!!!!!!!!

Another awesome song I have never heard of!

I gotta tell you this song is fire, I have no idea how old it is, all I know is that it is from Nigeria and that he's a rapper there but he raps in English. He's really good...the beat is good, the lyrics are good and he has great flow. Honestly, something different something new...

Blast from the past..."The Crow"

Okay, so... me and the ladies hit the streets tonight, very 90's (I always feel 90's!)...we roamed the city... and now .... I am currently writing this while watching "The Crow" on MTV at 4.15 am LoL...anywho aside from being super 90's and apparently having a great soundtrack...I researched the background of the movie cause it looked so obvious to be from a comic book and sure enough, it is. Awesome, and the thing that makes it so crazy is that the man that actually wrote it, James O'Barr, actually lost his finacee to a drunk driver. He was close to Brandon Lee (pictured as The Crow) in real life as well, and to this day actually regrets writing it...to think that one things started a chain of events...drunk driver kills James O'Barr's finacee and the to help with his anger he writes the comic to which his close friend stars in and dies 17 days before his actual wedding day...jeez what bad luck....a curse maybe? I dunno...but def adds to the whole effect. Sad that Brandon Lee died and James O'Barr's finacee...Life is so short you gotta appreciate all the good people in your life.
P.S. Tomm night is Hackers! LoL...one of my fav movies ever!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another one bits the dust...Matt Lauer...

Matt Lauer's show "Where in the world is Matt Lauer?" has been cancelled this year due to money issues. Wackster, I didn't watch but I would be bummed if I didn't get a chance to travel to exotic places...

Friday, March 13, 2009

On this day 45 years ago Kitty Genovese Died.

Kitty Genovese was the very famous murder victim that was stabbed to death outside her apartment in New York in 1964, it caused the very famous 'bystander' effect and made many psychologists question human behavior, no less then 38 people heard this young woman scream for help...nobody came and only one person actually called the police...Very sad... 
P.S. Their was one attacker but he stabbed her twice within half an hour, if somebody would have called after the first initial stabbing she would have survived. 

This is an African Song that was shown me...its lovely.

I really like it! Thanks Patrick!...anyway I don't know much about it, just that I really like it..very smooth, mellow rhythm..

Adorable Anderson Cooper...

I was just you tubing and I had to put this up, this is why I love me some Anderson, he stays professional...didn't even comment on the dumbest fight ever with Rosie and Trump.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sidenote for Twilight Fans, Robert Pattinson on GQ

For my ladies, especially Jan and Gaby, pick it up! 

I can't wait for Crank 2...

Thats all I'm saying...I mean I watched the first one like..3 times already...cause of the (cough) awesome plot?
LoL whatever I really liked them and I really am excited for the second one!

Images from Google Earth

Top: Lost and then Found wreckage of a ship by Sudan
Bottom: Plane graveyard in Arizona

The new Ipod Shuffle is a joke...

Does it need to be so small? Jeez...and no matter how cool I feel owning a new Apple product it never lasts long cause within three months theirs new stuff...jeeeez. Relax. LoL ...Still love my Mac though..LoL

Obama on Woman, making changes, must watch.

So moving and so cool, and I swear he has done more in 50 days than Bush has in 8 years. Must Watch.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My berry, her berry, everybody's berry...LoL

Left to right, Just, me and Tara, whenever I get all the ladies together again, I will take pics of them all...there's a lot now! Friend and berries...friends and berries....

LOLOL Lil' Jon HS picture...(can't type..laughing...)

This is funny, but you know what we all look bad in HS pics right? Let's cut him some slack...(wipes tears)
He looks so scared! Why! LoL

Rick Warren has a new magazine out.

Rick Warren has a new magazine out..."Purpose Driven Connection" not really a fan of Rick Warren and it has nothing to do with religion, he's a radical and a bigot. Anywho....the mag, in these tough times of need with the recession and all... is a mere $10. Lovely. You can read the article here.

Freaking Rihanna is killing me...

Honestly..is she was my friend I would have already gone down to FL and kidnapped her myself. Jezzus. She just keeps throwing her career farther and farther down the drain. Yes, its messed up that he beat her up and you know what she's dumb for taking him back, but dude...a duet? You are gonna do a duet with the guy that just beat you up...and yea the same guy who at 16 was having sex with his manager...who was 37 at the time. Awesome. He sounds like a winner, lets keep him around. Sigh. What a message to send the kiddies man.