Friday, December 26, 2008

A must see if you love African Elephants, beautiful..

So I have 3 or 4 favorite animals, when there is  a special, I always watch. I dunno if anybody has ever seen Planet Earth, but that thing was serious, I watched the marathon and it was one of the most beautiful documentaries that has ever been shown if not point blank the best. That being said I'm a huge nature buff, I watch Planet in Peril on CNN and I watch numerous docs on Nat Geo etc. So on PBS on Sunday at 8pm their is going to be a Nature special on African Elephants, it is pics and video from a collection that spans 20 years. They were shot by a famous filmaker Martyn Colbeck. The clips I have seen so far are so glorious. If you like this kind of nature shows and animals, I really think you should watch, I will. Click here for the PBS website to read more and find out info about what channel it is for you.