Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is that you Ashton Kutcher?

No people....I know you know who it is...I'll give you a clue...sadly he's really sick. No...nada? Or your laughing cause you def know who it is?  It does look like a vintage Ashton right? Nope, it's a youthful Steve Jobs! He is really really sick and their saying he's about to step down. I hope he gets better, he's so young.

Little ferret thinks he's a dog!!!

Look at this little guy! This little ferret guy! He thinks that he is a real dog! He gets walked on a leash, eats dog food and wants to chew on dog chew toys! Are you dying like I am about the cuteness? I think I'm getting diabetes as I write this! Anyway you can read the mini article here! 

Oh...Such an Oldie but such a Goodie!

I was wondering around You Tube and I just started thinking of what I would listen to when I was a young teen and Dru Hill's Beauty stood out to me so much, I had to find it! Granted they never made a video but wow this song really is beautiful. Dru Hill needs to stop messing around and reunite!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The best X-Mas card ever!

This is  the card that Just got me for Christmas how funny is that?! I just got it yesterday in the mail, mind you she has been crashing here for the past week for ze holiday. So funny. So TRUE! 3 Weeks and counting...

Can your car park itself? No? Then your not in the know...

Ford just announced that it will have a new technology released by 2010 that will let a car park itself. Yes, Itself. You don't use the steering wheel but you do use your feet...who really knows how it will turn out...but I'm sure this is supposed to ease our minds and let us the consumers know that their not dancing around the tables, but actually figuring stuff out to keep us wanting them. Well regardless I would have to see exactly how it works, like is it actually helpful or is it a gimmick? Time will tell! Some people did get to see it, as it debuted in a Detroit Auto Show. You can read the article here.
P.S. The car in the pic is a real car, you can read about it.

Oh No! Anderson Cooper kinda hates on Ms.Maddow!

Ok...Ok...So I love Anderson Cooper and I really really like Rachel  Maddow and he said this about her to a Gawker Editor: "Rachel Maddow is an incredible talent — she's funny, and smart, obviously well researched on subjects. I'm just not interested as a viewer in listening to anchors' opinions. It seems like there's an awful lot of yelling, and this year yelling's been replaced by sarcasm and snark- iness." Okay, as much as it pains for me to say it...I do see what he is saying. Rachel Maddows show is not an informative News show, its more like a commentary and I like it, she's funny and cool, almost like a more serious John Stewart...but Anderson Cooper never ever expresses his opinions, he asks everyone a lot of questions from his panel and he stays more impartial than anyone I know on Television. Even when he had that Evangelical guy yelling at a Dan Savage an openly gay man about gay marriage he was impartial and he (Anderson Cooper) is  gay! I mean really professional. So I could def see what he is saying but it's still a little dig...LOL...I still love my Cooper...

I love 90's style! Live on!!!!

I don't care...I Do Not Care...I Love This style! As we know I love the 90's., style, NY in the 90's from what I see was the best, I was to young but I remember here and there. And I want it back! Doesn't everybody love "Singles!" ...I really am flash backing lately aren't I? LoL You're fav 90's thing was....?

Do you have a cellphone for more than 10 years?

Well than you might get cancer. Yes this is what is being said, in a very very real study, the biggest study ever conducted to date on the subject. Scary as hell people....Smoking causes cancer, but this? Everyone has a cell phone!!! I mean come on! This is can read the short article here...what would you do...if it really did give you cancer, or at the least had the same rate as ciggs? Would you stop using it?
P.S. you love that pic don'tcha?

Ratings for Websites?!

So apparently now, Websites may be getting ratings, like the movies. Dammit! The post right before this was the first time there was profanity on my blog! LOL...anyway, I do not know how I feel about that...I feel like it's a bit much. It's like when they have a rating for a PG13 movie because of one soft core sex scene and yet the news talks in graphic detail about a rape victim, or wars and guns being used...I think it's just dumb. If you have a kid that has a computer I feel like you should def know what's happening and what their watching, what is cool for that moment, such as My Space and Facebook. Those are sites that they can get on and that they have a huge chance of meeting someone older than them that may not have the best intentions. But, that's what Parent Locks are for. You need to stay on top of your kids and I don't think something like that will really do anything aside from make tweens feel cooler for getting on a site that is rating "R" ...hmmm...I just don't know... 

So funny, me neighbors unite to hate on another...

So yea profanity in the post today LoL...Me and Just were walking today and we passed that poor car,  two blocks from my cribo, I guess the person that owns the car has a bit of a problem with the car alarm...and well as you can see the people from the building right in front were not having it...I mean it was serious. I had something similar happen to me too before on my block and its does not let up. Horrible, I could not sleep all night... I kinda know what their feeling, but jeez not enough to write something on a window in lipstick! LoL...I mean you never know, maybe he or she was gonna fix it and then he got bad news and had to go to a never know, still sucks though...

Monday, December 29, 2008

This is a really cool way to know your future government.

CNN has  a really cool, simple and brief bio about Obama's Cabinet. It's really brief and straight to the point with pictures and everything, the lay out is pretty cool. Check it out! Learn more about the people that are gonna be running our country! Click here! It's very quick and informative! 

Fake INano Phone! What a Loser!

So a fake Nano Phone has hit the market! Haaa, so ugly! Madd budget looking! Hating! Nah it is ugly sorry. LoL Anyway you can read more about it here, cause for real ,people were really believing it, like a company in Thailand will have an Apple product before the frackin' Apple store...right...P.S. you gotta see all these knock offs...jeez

Goddarnet cause I'm still obsessed.

Cause goddarnet I'm still obsessed! The greatest show ever is almost coming to an end for me, and it's very sad. Very sad indeed. *wiping tears off face*

Yes people hitting up the Classics!

So, my boyfriend was messing with his IPhone (yea, no blackberry, wackster) and he found this application that you can read books on it, but this one is for only a buck, you get like 7 titles. Alice in Wonderland is one of them, so I put it on my ITouch and I'm currently reading, I know the story but there's nothing like reading the full novel so yea it's pretty cool that you dont have to carry anything big, just that and it's a book. I used to have the Kindle but...that's a long story...LoL

Black and White identical twins...Amazing

Isn't this beautiful? Their identical but one came out with white skin and light eyes and the other came out with the dark skin and dark eyes. Amazing how the body can work...amazing and beautiful, head over to NatGeo to check more pics out. What cuties! 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I was roaming on You Tube and I found this, lil boy singingBritney

Poor guy his mom scares the craaaap out of him and he's adorable. Let him sing! You gotta watch the whole thing, It's short, most of my videos  and articles cause I have a short attention span. LOL...Enjoy!

I love old school cars!

These cars are beautiful! I love these old school cars, I try to be environmentally friendly but these cars are a must!!! I want one, just one to use on weekends or something, I think their lovely. Click here for more pics, and the site is for people that are selling them! 

One more to add to "The Addiction"

So Justine has bought a Blackberry! This is exciting as hell I gotta tell you. Mine is the Red one and Just is the Silver one. So it's really cool, cause like I said a blackberry is a way of life! You meet so many people through the forums and such. I love mine as I am annoyingly always proclaiming, so anyway now she's obsessed with the Blackberry Messenger which is the coolest thing ever!!! So yea def, I'm excited, I always get excited if I find a fun and easier way to talk to somebody I'm close to :) 
P.S. My blackberry people unite! Sean, Just, Josh, Ian, John, Nina and Luigie! Anybody else Shout Out to you too! 

Yes!!! Keepin it Old School for ze ladies!!!

Me and one of my best friends Justine and Tara went to have some Indian at 84st and 3rd ave in the City, good spot me and Just love it. So anywho, we started walking back to the car and we passed a McDonalds and there in the window  was My Little Pony! YES! Oh my goodness I was so excited!!! So we each went in their cause we are all 80's babies and totally bought one apiece! Mind you, you don't even need to buy a happy meal, they sell them separately, score!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

From movie goer to attempted murder...loser.

WTH is happening with the holidays, we hear about the guy in the Santa suit who shoots a little  girl in the face then sets the house on fire killing 9 people inside, his own ex-wife's family and friends. Now this, a guy went to the movies to watch the new Brad Pitt film and there was a family in the row ahead of him. He told them to stop talking, I guess the father was explaining the story to the son or something? Regardless, he threw popcorn at the little kid, and shot at the father...WTH...he shot his arm, thank god it wasn't any more serious. But really? What is this? What is going on? Not for nothing, I know that many people believe in the right for guns, but I do think there needs to be more guns laws, and controls. It's to easy to get a gun. In some places in Texas as a promotion it has come with a purchase of ciggs. Really??  Is this the message we want to send? Jeez. Regardless when it all boils down to it, it is the person who is unstable, but letting them get guns easily isn't helping the cause either. Read the article here.

Yes! Captain Planet!

Oh my god! Yes! So I was looking through just like stuff I used to watch when I was kid cause of the whole Bill Nye post I did, and I was like ummm I used to watch Captain Planet!!! So sure enough I googled it! How cool! Aww, what a little cutie I was, I was interested in my planet as a lil knucklehead too! But, Captain Planet needs a haircut...and to drop that little curl...that being said...he was awesome! He had all the kids from around the world helping too! What  a positive message! I used to watch "Recess" too...LOL...80's baby! YES!... Share what you used to watch!  :)

I Love The Darjeeling Limited...

I love this movie, for so many reasons. One it's just good. Funny, off beat, the shots are so great as you can see from this one. They are just so good together, and it's so authentic, they really are there, everything about it is so real, except the actual story. But the 4th character is India, and it's there beautifully and real. Plus I'm a sucker for anything Adrian Brody does. He's a great actor, and to me sexy in his different way, no matter what you say, some how the man is manly as hell. You guys should check it out, if your into really dry off beat humor. I saw it last year in theaters and I saw it again on HBO today. P.S. It's also kinda sad.

I'm tired of you Puffy.

Am I the only one that is tired of the dumb P.Diddy ads? With the most airbrush I've ever seen and one of the most shallow? I can't take your fake James Bond anymore!!! I'm over it!!! I see them everywhere! One for the cologne, one for the vodka....TV, cabs, Time Square, buses etc. I'm done! 

Cause nothing says change has come than a song called 'Magic Negro'

Are you f-ing kidding me? You ask. No, I'm not. This is just one of the titles. Some others are: "John Edwards' Poverty Tour," "Wright place, wrong pastor," "Love Client #9," "Ivory and Ebony" and "The Star Spanglish Banner." Yes people. You have read right. Where did this come from you ask? From the Republican National Committee! How great! It was on a CD that the RNC Chairman sent out as part of a Christmas gift. Charming. The proof is in the pudding. Gross. They said it was a joke. Yea, thats sooo funny! Cause most of America isn't already  thinking your narrow minded already!  You can read the full article here, its pretty short. Take a gander, tell me what you think. 

Really? Come ooon, Somebody stop Zac and save his career!

WTH is this? Now I understand, I was around with the whole Backstreet Boys vs NSYNC thing (BSB 4ever!...LOL) and I get it, but this? Really its not even a read lunch box its a tin, the size of maybe two loafs of bread! I fricking saw this at Toys R Us. Yes, kiddies next to Barbie. This is pathetic, how is he ever going to be taken seriously? At least the BSB and others could sing, this is from a movie where their voices are pre recorded and they never perform live or together..I dunno, I don't see it. It needs to stop. That being said, while I was there, Hello Kitty had a small section! ( Don't judge's so cute )

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bill Nye is still the coolest kid in class

How cool is this? This is real! It's a recycling machine for kids although I am going to buy one, its only 30 bucks. It makes notepads and cards, everything! How awesome! And it's never to early to teach the kiddies good habits! Read more about it here!

A must see if you love African Elephants, beautiful..

So I have 3 or 4 favorite animals, when there is  a special, I always watch. I dunno if anybody has ever seen Planet Earth, but that thing was serious, I watched the marathon and it was one of the most beautiful documentaries that has ever been shown if not point blank the best. That being said I'm a huge nature buff, I watch Planet in Peril on CNN and I watch numerous docs on Nat Geo etc. So on PBS on Sunday at 8pm their is going to be a Nature special on African Elephants, it is pics and video from a collection that spans 20 years. They were shot by a famous filmaker Martyn Colbeck. The clips I have seen so far are so glorious. If you like this kind of nature shows and animals, I really think you should watch, I will. Click here for the PBS website to read more and find out info about what channel it is for you. 

What could be better than a Palin calender? ...Hitler?

Wow, Exactly what I had in mind to start the new year!...right... Cause who doesn't want to spend the whole year of 2009 being reminded of some one who's an idoit, narrow minded and is willing to have the woman population step into a time warp and be once again in 1955. WTH, kicker is this calender is the second most popular selling calender on Amazon. I think it has more to do with college kids throwing darts at her face while slugging a beer, but that's just me...P.S. I looove how they chose the gun pic as the cover, jean shirt and make up free and all...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Another amazing Space shot...

Amazing shot from a shuttle (Discovery) that little marble there caught between Earth and the shuttle is the Moon, this is a real image from 1988. I know I post so many pics of Space but it's just majestic, so beautiful. 

A new Upgraded Radio Flyer! How Cool!

This is a protype for what might be the new Radio Flyer! How cool is this? How cute, and how many memories are roaming through your mind right now looking at this?! It's awesome! If they make it as is, it would have a built in Mp3 player, cups and digital controls! Whaaat! That's too fun! I would def get one...I dunno for what, but I would! You can click here for the whole article.

Cellphone Gun? Yea, too bad I'm not joking...

Wow I just don't know how I feel about a Cellphone Gun...maybe it's just me? Jeez people can we stick to working on curing Cancer and AIDS or is that just boring? this like something that we need right now? It's already kinda annoying  how much money the world in general spends on stuff that kills and could wipe us out in 10 seconds...Click on the video for the 25 second demo of it shooting.

I love him, I love her, I love the show!

They are super cool friends off the show, shes the godmother to one of his babies close...(what's that? You want to know their signs cause youre a freak like me? Awesome, shes Aquarius (like me) and he's Aries (grr, strong, aggressive, funny...grrr) Okay, so is it just me or should they just hook up on the show? Or at least give her a love interest, jeez this girl is working with nothing! Should she be walking around with all that...*ahem/cough* pent-up aggression? Let's gooo already! I love them in real life, I love the show, let them bone already!

The Fam at Christmas...LoL

This was my fam on Christmas, were Spanish so we celebrate at midnight, I know we can't even wait, sheesh right? Anyway the bottom one is my baby cuz, shes 12, holding her brand new laptop, and the top is my aunts, my uncles and my grandma and cousins, and her bf ( my mom is being blocked my my cuz and their is like two people missing but you get it...) Do you see all that wrapping paper I had to clean up? Unfortunaty I wanted to take a pic with me but everybody was to busy ripping their stuff open, I could barely get this one. LOL, hope every one had a great holiday and the joy continues through the new year! Have a good one guys! Stay safe! P.S. Yea she played Santa....LoL

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ShamWOW! In Spanish...PRICELESS...

So I was wrapping gifts with my mom, and she had a spanish channel on watching her soaps, and I hear Shamwow...I know you guys know what I'm talking about! Well this is the one is Spanish...Holy Shizz I could not take it, I was laughing sooo hard and I was determined to find it, and I Did!!!! It's not even dubbed its just translated so literally that its just to much, and It's the regular guy from the English ones! hahahaha...I bet these are the only words he knows in Spanish...*holding stomach...tears running down face* hahaha!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Really? A Pink Bentley..

This is from Perez Hilton and it's Paris Hilton's new crazy customized Bentley gratuitous is that?
I mean look...I'm all for individuality but wowzah this is kinda nuts...a Bentley is a sexy car, nice and adult but this makes it look like Cameron's jeep...and although gotta tell you that was cooler...this is not. I want my Jeep Wrangler!!! I always loved the Jeep Wrangler I always wanted a nice dark green one and pick up my friends and they jump over the bar! Sigh...what a dreamer...


So, Um I actually I have never really watched NCIS...until now..I watch TBS cause it has House and Family Guy and they do the whole "characters welcome" that is how I actually discovered House to begin with, so usually when I'm reading the news and blogging I have something on, and this NCIS was on a couple of weeks ago, and umm bad frozen frame and little gruesome aside...its pretty good! I'm kinda shocked. I was reading that it is one of the only shows ever to actually gain an audience as it goes, it was close to cancellation the first time... then every season had more and more people. How fun is that, good for them! Usually you like a show and it gets bad fast, such as Grey's ....ugh...wackster. 

Can't keep the man down!

Lance Armstong's girlfriend is pregnant. That's such cool news, and he is coming out of retirement to kick ass at the Tour de France. Really cool, wow this man had cancer, brain, testicular and who knows what else, he is just a total survivor. That's awesome it really is, and the fact that he can still have kids is even crazier! Wow! Good for him, talk about being a strong person and being determined. Strong character, very very cool.

What?! Umm is this is a sign?

Zoom in on that pic ladies and gentleman. It's not the Obama thing, I'm on the mailing list, but my blackberry wigged out on me a couple of weeks ago and I found the pic swimming around in my computer and I had to post it. WTH! is that??? Do you see the date...December 31,1969. Ummmm...obvs this is a glitch as it so happens, I got a new blackberry but this freaked me out for some time...what is this a sign?! Should I be playing these as Lotto numbers wth?

Wow, I'm truly addicted...

Okay so, if you don't know, I Luna am a night person. I do my creative process at night I blog usually at night and I stay up and go on Crackberry at night. So that being said, lately I have been waking up late yet still going out there and taking some pics for my whole business thing with my friend/future business partner Nina. So that being said, I am trying to sleep I really am...(Yes, Josh really...) so I can not. You want to know why....because I am currently obsessed with Arrested Development. I have been watching it non stop. I am addicted to 2 things: Blackberry and Arrested Development. That being said...I will finish this episode and go to bed...Is anybody out there a night owl?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Too Cute...Kill them with the Kindness...

How cute is this? Instead of yelling and bickering (Prop8) Ellen and Portia are killing them with the Love and Kindness...I Love It. 

It's Illegal to be annoying. No, Really it is.

In Brighton, Mich. it is now illegal to be annoying. I don't see this is a bad thing per say...but just really useless...and I can just see a bunch of cops wasting their time on an "annoying" teenager when we all know that a 14 year old is.... just that a 14 year old.  So I dunno exactly how I feel about it. Click here for the short article and please tell me what you think....

Aww...Brian Litrell's son...has Kawasaki Disease...

This is so sad, it's a severe coronary disease...aww he's so young...crazy thing about this is that I have heard about this before, only because I watch House and I google every single thing that he says...this is sad though...he's just a little guy...

I hope the rumor is true!

There is a little rumor that nobody is believing but I shall dare hope....that Apple will release in the future a small computer...a Mini Mac!!!!!!!!!!!! The name is enough! I have a Macbook which I can not live without, and this would be insane...I will buy it. Oh yes I would...Yes. I. Would....if only this can be boyfriend works at Apple but he hasn't heard anything...they keep things tight over there...hmm...I hope it's true! You can read about the rumor here....I know it's probably not...but I'm still hoping!

Are you gonna get dumped? or...

CNN has an article explaining why most people dump their partner, it was short and sweet as any breakup should be, but a lot of the stuff is so true. You can read it and see...are you about to get dumped? it time you dumped someone? tsk tsk...all is fair in love and war...right? I have been dumped (although we weren't really exclusive more like dating, but I still called in a couple of the girls...) and I have dumped, I don't care what people say, it hurts both ways. If it is a" real" relationship ( no cheating, share an apt or bills. met the parents, hang with the family, fart in front of each other..etc. etc. ) then it's still gonna hurt you, even if your the one dumping.

Oh Cheney...We love ya, shooting people, f-bombs...

Good ol' Dick Cheney...well he said on Sunday that when he dropped the F-bomb at Democrat Patrick Leahy that he simply deserved it. Point blank, he has no regrets and he stick by his guns (no pun intended) that he said it and meant it, fair and square. Oh...Cheney you shoot people, you have oil companies in Dubai so that you don't have to pay them lied to my main man Colin Powell and let him lie to Congress...what can't you do?! 
P.S. there's a reason I put a cartoon of him and not the real pic...*shudders*

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pets being returned cause of the recession...

Aww this is so sad...with the recession a lot of puppies and pets in general are being given back, to shelters. This is depressing, although they said for now its mostly in the UK it's still happening and its really tragic. My dog is part of the family I am not giving him back ever, and it must be a real desperate family if they decide to return a pet, hopefully they really are thinking it through. Click here to read the whole article...

EEK! 6.4 Million dollar debt?!

So the Clinton debt is 6.4 (Dr.Evil voice) Miiillliooon Dooollars! What?! Really?  I feel bad having 1,000 on my credit card! Though I don't have any school loans...thank goodness...but still how they gonna repay that? They better get chattin and start doing some shows or something...that's a lot of money...I would be scared.

My dog is the weirdest in the world...

Yes he likes carpets and gets scared of every little thing, but for some reason...he just picks the most particular
angles...LoL...This is him with long hair he is actually a small little thing which is the funniest thing when we shave him  and he emerges as this skinny puny thing LoL

Funny never looked so good...

John Krasinski and Will Arnett...given how my new fav show is Arrested Development and my other fav show for the The Office..when I found this picture...I teared up a bit..sigh...funny men...there is nothing hotter...they had hung out for Will's B-Day, his wife Amy Poehler was there too...sigh...I can't take the funnies...

Okay...just keep an open mind on this one...

So, as I stay up very very late, I always end up caught in the informercial circus, so this one struck me as odd, yet I was so fascinated that I had to keep watching cause..umm these babies CAN READ. So... what is it you ask? A Professor from Princeton always studying adult learning, his wife got prego he didn't want the baby watching crap so he made the baby a tape...and soon after about 6, 7 months the baby recognized the words and its meaning, and within 2 years she was reading...reading sentences. So he studied it, perfected it and made it available to the public...but you gotta watch the videos! WOW...I mean it makes sense, a baby is born with the ability to swim and then forgets it, so if you keep the baby stimulated I would imagine it would work. I dunno but you gotta watch some of the videos. Crazy...and you know what I would get it for a baby too, I mean, it can't hurt right? You gotta see it, check it here.

HAHAHAHA...Too Funny, I love political cartoons...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow in my neighborhood! Good Ol' Sunnyside!

These are taken from my neighborhood, as you see the middle one is of  The City, I live really close, it takes me about 7 minutes to get into the city on the bus or train, ending up right in midtown 60th and 2nd Ave...I live in a really cute neighborhood called Sunnyside, very cute and fun, lots of chill bars, a couple of cafes and of course a Starbucks...LOL

Hey guys!

Hey guys, I will be taking some pics today with all the snow and mess around mi casa here in Queens, N.Y. so check back later. I promise if I bust my ass I will take a pic from the angle on the floor...LoL

Instant Digital Prints!

This is so funny cause I was just telling my boyfriend Sharod how cool this would and behold...I still would not get it cause I feel it needs to be perfected but they are getting the idea! Click here to read more on it.
It comes in black and red too.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Wow...A giant sting ray was found in Thailand earlier this year, and the giant star fish, which was found in New Zealand is  also from early this amazing is that? Their huge! can see more of the years most amazing photos here.