Thursday, December 18, 2008

Um...Obama...WTH? I love Obama clearly from all my posts. But I am actually a little upset by his picking Rick Warren. Rick Warren is insane. He's a liar and has a nasty nasty mouth, he's a total bigot. Obama is saying that he picked him because of the whole "different views" for the Inauguration...Um...I'm gonna say NO. You want to include a lot of other people at this, with different views, sounds great. No problem, BUT...Rick Warren? Is he supposed to represent all the Evangelicals...and that they are all crazy...and bigots? I would not like to be generalized like that. I mean I dunno, I just am a little perplexed..and annoyed, you could have chosen a different person that is religious, even Evangelical but not him! He is a bigot, and to have some one there like that on such a special day, to me is now tainted.