Friday, December 19, 2008

UPDATE: Rick Warren

Okay so Obama went on the record about how he's all about change and that he choose him because it represents difference in policy and change etc. I'm still saying NO. I was watching CNN last night and a journalist was making a really good point, she said: what if we replaced all that Rick Warren said in which he used the world "gay or homosexual" with 'black or jewish" people would be outraged! She's right. So I don't understand why this is not a big deal...Im usually not a cry baby but this is really pissing me off. Rick Warren is a bigot, he is a mean spirited liar that get people to believe lies...this isn't someone who has a different policy, this is someone who is talking crap and spreading hate on a daily basis. This is not change, you could have chosen someone who was Evangelical but not as controversial or a known liar for that matter. I'm really peeved, and I'm not even gay.