Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stunning! Glamourous!

She's so gorgeous.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My first official Writing gig!

I got my first official gig writing for Women Around Town...very very exciting! You can read my first official post here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tiny Tiny Crab...

So cute! But sad...cause its from giant trash in the Ocean...sad...

Steve Jobs back for now...BUT...The new ipods...

So the new ipods are out...Apple is the worst sometimes..your only cool for about 5 minutes until they drop a new edition that has a digital clock now..or some other pointless thing....I can not be the only one that thinks...Apple drooped the ball by putting a camera in a freaking Nano and NOT the Itouch? FAIL...Sigh...regardless I am glad Steve Jobs is feeling better...

Hmm...The Vampire Diaries...

So there is a new Vampire show on the market...The Vampire Diaries. Now..I actually tried to read this book...but it was just too I dunno...girly? But I think for the show their trying to make it more edgy...I'm gonna try to watch it tonight..since I am very anal about watching shows from episode 1....We will see...LOL...gonna try to keep an open mind...granted I don't have HBO so I know I'm missing True Blood...I know I know...

I have been on an older hip hop trip..stuff I grew up with

So Good...I really like it. Whoah. A throw back for sure...LOL

Friday, September 4, 2009

I am Twitter...!!!!!

Oh my goodness...I really am. I love it. I love to follow funny people..they crack me up in the morning! So funny and PDiddy...stays keeping you motivated with just insane wonder the man is a multi millionaire. Hot Damn. He does not sleep. I have posted you can follow me at LunaPrat.

Kirk and Spock!!!!!!!!

The two big dogs from the original Star Trek were finally together again, for one time in the Dragon-Con in Atlanta. The were joking and looked like they really enjoyed themselves. their hay day...I was in love with both LOL ...but..Spock will always be my soft spot...LOL

The whole Obama thing...with the school speech?

They are killing me with this whole Obama school speech thing. Jeez man, its a speech to CHILDREN. They can't vote they can't lobby. Jeez man let the man be. He is not hurting anyone or stating a side. He is just trying to keep children motivated as he should! Being the first black president I think it is especially important for minorities to see him in school. Motivation! Come on.