Thursday, January 1, 2009

TV on Cellphones but no new female condoms?

Okay so, I was reading around sites and there was a very interesting article about  condoms, I got to thinking how the female condom has not been updated in years. I mean almost everybody uses male condoms, and I think there's a reason for that. The woman condom has been the same for so long, its ugly, unattractive and it looks so weird to use, which is why I haven't. I think about the sponge and how it was taken off the market, and how little woman have in options. I know that there is birth control, but I just think there is way too many side effects, I find it odd that the woman who has to carry the child for 9 months  is the one that has to take something more damaging. I always thought it would make much more sense to have a male birth control. That being said, for a youth (13, 14, 15 etc) who is going to have sex although too young... it happens... birth control to me is not a good thing, their still developing and I do not think that they should be messing with their reproduction system so soon. How come we can watch TV on a cellphone, have TIVO, and to stay on track, even have  the capacity to change the sex  from man to woman, or woman to man?.... Science  has now reached a point where you can now grow limbs again and have a man made organ...and yet no advancement in a simple female condom? Wackster.