Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Out With The Old, In With The New!!!!

So this pertains to many things, one, Obama, and two, me and my ex. Breakup's suck, but the way it went down was in no means a good thing. I did everything I could, and I have that to keep me in check, but you know...I learned that regardless of everything, people will get tested, and some hang and most don't. I can hang, I hold my stuff down,  I'm loyal as hell...if you can't then maybe it was never gonna work anyway ...people will always show their true colors, now or later when you really need them, a real real test and well...I am now single ;) not a bad thing, I'm an Aquarius (shut up Josh, shut it Ian ) and I can be frigid and aloof as hell, so yea no, when I'm done, I'm done. So starting the new year fresh. Obama, new job, and doing my thing...not bad...not might just have to take a trip out to LA one day...just for a weekend, I'm a New Yorker to the fullest LOL..