Friday, January 2, 2009

Arrested Development Movie Update!!!!!

Okay so we are hearing here and there that Arrested Development the movie is moving slowly...and their are two people halting it really, Portia De Rossi who has not said yes or no, so maybe she is waiting to read the script and Michael Cera who I really love, but who is holding out, probably for more money. Maybe he decided at this moment in time to change his image I dunno but I promise you this: I promise you that if he does not sign on and is the only one in the movie that is not there or not the original character I will never ever forgive. Ever. I'm stubborn I could do it. LoL. It would be so dumb for him to do that, plus...Plus umm hello Ron Howard will be in it...are you kidding me? Is Mr.Cera a bigger star than Ron Howard?? NO, so his agent better realize cause the backlash will be bad...I will lead the revolt!!!!!!!!!!!!