Friday, January 2, 2009

Disgusting...Gay Hate at it's worst.

A 28 year old lesbian woman was gang raped by 4 men who saw her rainbow sticker on the back of her car. Yea. Wow, you know I do not really believe in the death penalty, because I get scared that someone will get executed that did not do it, but this come on. You have to be kidding me, how disgusting is this, hopefully the woman has a good support system and can be happy again, because the trauma and brutality of it is sad. The saddest case I ever read about happened in the 60's, nothing I have ever read or heard will top it, but this is depressing. I do not understand why people can't just be. Even tolerance has a bad side, because it is not supposed to be about being able to control you impulses and "stand it" it's about respecting other people's choice of happiness. You can read the full article here, as always their short.