Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let Obama keep his BLACKBERRY!!!

So here we go again, the day is getting closer and Obama has refused to give his Blackberry. Everybody has something to say, oh well he should not be addicted...well maybe you dont have a Blackberry! But I DO. And it is serious...okay? LoL you can not go back to a cellphone no matter an iphone, no you just can't. That being said, I feel like nobody is seeing the bigger picture. The man is the President of the United States. Should he not have any kind of frequent on going convos with people in the outside world besides all the people now around him that he has not know for a long time? Imagine you, you move to a new place and you are a CEO and sometimes you seek advice from an old co worker or something like that, and it helps you clear your head, you can not do that. Now you can only trust the people around you that are new, if he spent time calling all these people then he would be going nuts, shoots an email, not like plotting the next war...a regular email: Hey Stan, you remember what we spoke about? Yes or no, I'm on my way to the G8 conference just email me Yes or No or Maybe.  WTH..Plus! Plus!... The thing that really peeves me is that, they are saying well it could get hacked. Really? So the prez has to be without a Smart phone because you can't find someone smart enough to make some kinda protection software virus hacker protector? I mean the man is the President I would think he had connections??? I dunno... I mean, he's not stupid, give the man some credit, jeez.