Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Day!

So after having some tough first days in the New Year, I am feeling a bit better ( all thanks to my girls and guys: Nina, Gaby, Just, Tara, Luigie, Josh, Sean and so many more who were there to listen )  I had been looking for a job for a while, then I started a program of Pharm Tech and stopped looking. Now that that's over I had to look for a new job...which was proving very difficult ( I have to wait to take the Tech Exam till around March )...until...I ran into one of my old managers I told her what I was going through that I was kinda..down...and she offered me a new job at my old job...(same place different job) so now I'm part of the new team to create the new website my boss wants! How great is that? So it's been a good day! I will be doing customer service and helping the layout...very cool. Plus I love my co-workers It was one of the saddest things to have to leave them, they are great. And since I want to do my Photography Website soon, and will be meeting with my friend/business partner this week to take some more pics. So this pic up there is of one of my best dudes, Luigie. He passed out on my couch, on New Year Eve, so funny. But he came through for me, so much love to him. Thanks Luigie, thanks Just!