Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama is really tugging to keep his blackberry!

Obama tells Barbara Walters tonight that he is fighting to keep his blackberry, I would too! I can't live without mine, (Right babe?) he has a lot of reasoning too, he says that he wants to know what's going on outside his cabinet and what people are saying etc. I agree with him, because if he can't email and he's all over the place traveling and doing all the duties that a president has to do, he can't just stay on the phone all day. Its about time that the president has email and internet, its now a norm, and it just seems a little dated for someone in the highest office not to have something that the rest of America uses on a daily basis. He has his own doctor that he travels with all the time, he has secret service and I'm sure some whiz can come up with a tech thingie to keep his email locked. I would die if I wasn't allowed to have my Blackberry...I.Would.Freak...You guys know you can email me whenever and ask me for my bbm pin. Stay safe!