Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hey Guys!

Hey guys!!! Just a side note, you can now post comments, it took me forever to figure it out but whatever, LOL. Anywho please leave a comment you have the choice to state your name or not, it only takes a second, also I have to verify it in order for it to show, but dont worry it goes straight to my blackberry so If you write a comment I will verify it fast. Its only for people who want to just curse out and that aint cool. You can disagree its totally cool, we are here to think! Just be respectful and I will have nooooo problem putting it up, if you have a valid point, you have a valid point and nobody can take that away from you! Especially not me! Also email me whenever and like I said If you have a blackberry let me know I'll pin you! Stay safe guys and let me know if there is anything that you want me to post or write more about!