Tuesday, November 18, 2008

D.L. Hughley disappoints.

Dan Savage
D.L. Hughley

I have always liked comedy...and I always liked the news...so when comedy and the news join its great, like..John Stewart and Stephen Colbert  they are  great examples. However, sometimes this does not always go right. I'm CNN addicted I love it, I love Anderson Cooper, blah, blah, blah. Now, there is  new show on CNN, its with D.L. Hughley who is  a a sometimes funny guy, but at this, he is just plain terrible. First of all, He plays into the black stereotype which kills me, I feel like yes you are supposed to be funny but not at the same time making yourself look stupid. Dr.Drew the fame doc for celebrities was on the show and used what I thought was adult language, nothing above the norm. D.L. Hughley preceded to say '...use smaller words...all I got is a GED' 

this is your funny? your making fun of yourself like this? that just really bothered me. Then he had Dan Savage, pictured on top , on a segment about the same-sex marriage issue. Now yes I understand that not everybody agrees with me and thats fine. Im from N.Y. so this always hits me because I see gays and lesbians all the time they are my friends and they are people who do their country proud, the injustice is profound...moving on, so Mr. Savage tells him his side of the story how he feels its his right and so forth. now 1. D.L. says that all black people are rooted to religion and that he has never met a black atheist in his life. wow, a bit general dont you think? 2. D.L. proceeds to say that gay is a lifestyle. a lifestyle? really? like he or she has a choice in the matter? Like my lifestyle choice is to live in a studio in the city  because I rather be in a small apt than a big one farther in Queens..thats a lifestyle not being gay!!! 3. He wishes he was funny to pull these jokes off. 
He was the weakest link on "The Kings of Comedy" and he's the weak link here! Im not one to go to out of bounds and just start yelling like a crazy, but to me this is upsetting. Instead of being on and doing your homework on the subject at hand you stereotype yourself and thus make yourself not funny and look ignorant.You can tell that he did not do his homework, plus he felt that the ballet was confusing. If you are going to vote on something, educate yourself so that you dont feel like the idiot when you get to it, dont wait until the day off at the voting booth those things are never clear! come on! you have a show on CNN, CNN! you dont think that its gonna come up?! Anyway, hes no John Stewart. 

There is a full video on CNN and You tube. You guys should check it.