Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ann Coulter Has a new book out???

Ann Coulter has a new book out which means that we have to take her racist rants and craziness all over again because she has to promote it somehow. I believe in the freedom on speech, but what she is doing is breeding hate. She will probably blame every person on the planet who does not look like her on the current housing crisis, she will say she can believe that America has let it self go so down and out and voting for a black president  was the worst thing ever. *sigh*  She's a lost cause, all she does is talk about how horrible everyone is and make money off the crazies that support her books. Who buys this stuff? She is  not married, wonder why? On top of the fact that she hates everyone who is not white, she apparently hates herself, she doesn't think that woman should have a right to vote. I thought Palin was bad. Their both downright scary.