Saturday, November 22, 2008

BOO Catherine Hardwicke

First and foremost I have read the whole Twilight series and I know that it is mostly geared to girls, but it is a good story, a really good story in fact.  The writing is good too. I did not like the second book as much as the rest but nonetheless is was part of the whole story. That being said this movie was TERRIBLE. It was the worst movie I have seen in a really long time if not ever. It was cheaply made it was missing MAJOR essential character development and the fact that the director chose one of her friends to play Rosalie gave me a red flag from the get, but I could not understand how you can mess a movie up having such a great story. It means you must have worked hard to mess it up, Im really upset, I really really am cause this is such a good book and I will not go see any movies made by this director ever again! The director is Catherine Hardwicke, and she has done some legit stuff but she really messed this up Im surprised the studio allowed its release. Also a small tidbit the acting was not bad. Ms. Hardwicke what a let down, shame on you and your laziness.