Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chris Matthews makes sense

Chris Matthews was on Jay Leno last night, Im not a huge Leno fan but he does pull in the bigs, so I watch it when someone interesting is gonna be on. Chris Matthews is very black and white, some people hate him some people love him, Im honestly on the fence about him because I dont watch him frequently, I hear bad things I hear good things but regardless he made a couple of good points last night while on Leno, and I gotta say I dont get a bad vibe from him. He says that when the CEOs have a bad year as the ones that needed the bailout, they should not be allowed to make so much money, they basically make the same amount of money as when they have a good year, and thats not fair. Another point is that he says that when kids leave HS they should have the opportunity or choice  to just work in a factory or other places, that not everyone wants to go to a liberal arts school and do computer software. It makes sense, hes a smart guy and makes some really valid points.  Larry the cable guy was there and was so annoying he interrupted Chris Matthews not one, but three times with his stupid dumb jokes and even insulted him, which to me is ridiculous, I mean you make money yelling about how your a redneck and dumb...really? You're gonna pick on Chris Matthews? *sigh* Chris took it like a pro and laughed and ignored him, because he is a gentleman. 

**Click on the title to see the full segment, its not long, also when you get to it, just click Chapter 5, on the left, so you dont go looking for it...I got you :)