Monday, May 18, 2009

Um. Unzip file? who? what? where?

Sigh. Okay. First I have to share that my first computer was a PC and I used it about...4 times. Ever. Then I gotta Macbook and Um. I have a blog...So as you can see...that worked out better...I am not PC friendly...I personally think Window's is trying to kill me. That being said, I have tried and learned a lot on my own and with some "coaches" (LOL) in the past two, three months. But. Alas, I have no idea, what they are talking about unzipping. I downloaded the free Coldplay CD that was released recently and I am so fraaackin' lost. I had to vent. No worries Mr.Laws will be there to say the day. Or else. LOL, I thank you now for the future headache you will have with my PC enemy self. LoL, Thanks.