Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV Movie rant...

I dunno what the deal was with Eminem as usual he acted like a drama king..and his lip-synching? Oh yea? And he stays dissing pop stars right? Hypocrite. Kristen Stewart act's like a weirdo and not in a cute way, but in an annoying bitch way. I'm sad that Slumdog did not win best picture...yes I get that Twilight was a good book, cause it was, I read it, but dude..the movie was terrible. That being said, Kings of Leon were spectacular and give me even more reason to go see them live, as if that was possible. As usual Amy Poehler was hilarious. Andy Samberg was pretty good... The "New Moon" Twilight trailer was pretty good...That's all the rant I have. LOL
P.S. Robert Pattinson looked really good...and that close up Zachary Quinto was a nice treat...LoL!