Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Book I'm currently reading

So..this book I actually started last year, I never finished it cause I ended up reading "100 years of Solitude" with my co worker...and I kinda forgot about it.  I am going to read "Interview of the Vampire" next with Just, but she is reading something I already read, so while I wait I decided to pick this up again. I actually almost finished it the first time. It is spectacular. It is basically a little history of everything, just like the title says, it starts with the Big Bang...then atoms, dinosaurs, it is all written with no jargon, so you understand everything clearly. Plus it is not super detailed, it coves important things in the realm of Science, Philosophy, History etc. I think everybody should read it LoL...You will learn so much, and it written with little jokes. I am excited to finish it. Plus every time I immerse myself in these kind of Science/Philosophy books, it just makes me push further to what I want to do. It shows me, life is short and you dont even make a little bleep in the radar. You have to experience, you have to live, and explore the world around you.