Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pharrell Williams...removed his

So Pharrell Williams decided to remove his tats, because he feels he's a grown man and should not have them anymore. Um..Corny.  First of all...When you get a tattoo it's about we think about that one before we decide to change our mind less than 8 years later..anyway, he is using some new kind of way to take them off:
a. This is an invasive procedure that requires skin grafting.
b. The patient has to give a sample of his skin.
c. This skin is then replicated in a laboratory.
d. Once this is done, the new skin is stitched over the tattooed one.
e. It does not leave any scars.
f. Once the skin is healed, new tattoos can be done on it.
g. This is a faster and less painful alternative.

I just kinda think...that he is gonna tatto something more "grown man" sexy on his arm in the future...I dunno...but I love the tat on his neck and that sucks if he decides to take that one off too. Siigh...that's why you have to get  tattoo's that means something, not some dumb stuff that everybody has...Anyway...what ever make's him happy...