Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kanye West's sexy self takes commitment jeez...LoL

So I was looking around and I kept seeing these pics of Kanye West all over fashion week, and a couple of things..one yes...he's sexy (sigh) yes I know he has an ego (eh) ...I have always been told I dress "different" especially lately...I think it's the single gal in me branching the F out...I have always done the red Mac lipstick and  lashes look...and I gotta tell you as I follow Kanye on fashion week...his kind of dressing takes freaking commitment..I mean damn...and I gotta say...it's fly...yes I'm bringing back the word "fly" (that's for you Mr. W...hating on my 90's word LoL) If I had the money he has I probably would dress so much more fun...although with less lables..that's a little much. But yea I just had to share that cause...the man was everywhere..and I mean come on that chill outfit in the last pic..nice...but like I said in 'real' life sometimes it just looks tacky...and my fav uniform for the dude has never changed...(although Just likes the uniform...) I like white tee, fitted jeans, old converse and a smile ;)  Can't go wrong LoL.
P.S. I'm not pro fur...but the outfit is hottt.