Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blast from the past..."The Crow"

Okay, so... me and the ladies hit the streets tonight, very 90's (I always feel 90's!)...we roamed the city... and now .... I am currently writing this while watching "The Crow" on MTV at 4.15 am LoL...anywho aside from being super 90's and apparently having a great soundtrack...I researched the background of the movie cause it looked so obvious to be from a comic book and sure enough, it is. Awesome, and the thing that makes it so crazy is that the man that actually wrote it, James O'Barr, actually lost his finacee to a drunk driver. He was close to Brandon Lee (pictured as The Crow) in real life as well, and to this day actually regrets writing think that one things started a chain of events...drunk driver kills James O'Barr's finacee and the to help with his anger he writes the comic to which his close friend stars in and dies 17 days before his actual wedding day...jeez what bad luck....a curse maybe? I dunno...but def adds to the whole effect. Sad that Brandon Lee died and James O'Barr's finacee...Life is so short you gotta appreciate all the good people in your life.
P.S. Tomm night is Hackers! of my fav movies ever!