Sunday, March 8, 2009


There she all her glory...isn't she an angel? Siiiiighhh. After so long of wanting it, it is now in my hands, pimped out, theme, ringtone, and programs installed. Siiiighhh. My Mac my BB those are my loves. Plus, I actually got almost all my friends now into the BB world..all I'm missing now is Gaby and Carla! Get on it Ladies!!!! 5 of my Fab 7 all got their BBs! Yes! Anywho, if you need my Pin to chat email me, the more the merrier! The one on the left is my old BB which will be given to Carla so maybe within a week...we will be down to 6 out 7. Ha!!! I know what youre thinking guys...what a loser right? Who Cares! Blackberry for you and you and you and you... LoL