Saturday, April 11, 2009

So sad. 11 yr hangs himself, being bullied cause he was gay.

This beautiful boy, who was only 11, hung himself after he was bullied constantly for being gay. This is the stuff that pisses me off hardcore. The parents told the school to do something about it, but really should read the whole article here. With all the B.S.  going around the world, why do so many people waste their time on worrying who other people love?...In terms of race, and sexual just boils down to my saying: "Who the &*%^ are you?" why is your opinion so important?...Why do people have to listen to what you think is right in terms of love? Love is love jeez, its so hard to find it, so hard to keep it, and so hard to be in it, and yet some people refuse to accept it unless its on their terms. Love is Love no matter color, race, age nothing. It just is.