Sunday, April 26, 2009

I had FISH! AND I'm In a PINK SHIRT! Why is this amazing you ask?

Okay so...this is the background...I dont eat fish...ever..none..nada..don't ask me why...I just don't...for as long as I can remember I just never did..I dunno if when I was a child I had a traumatic experience? Who knows..anywho so ...I went to this great great Japanese restaurant by my house. They have the best corn croquettes you have never had LOL...So I tried some fish...raw..Tuna and was alright...I will try again next time something else new..LOL..Now..I only wear black tops...for the longest time..ever since maybe Junior High...I wear color here and when I went to South Beach I wore some color tops..but its extremely rare. I wear color though, blue jeans (I even have purple jeans)... and bright bags and shoes..its just shirts that stays the same..its bizarre..I even have color hoodies...I think it stems from my boob thing...I get self conscious..LOL..okay... too much info there...sorry..anyway so yes..I went to American Apparel and freaking tried on a color shirt for Just..and well..I kinda like it...I think I will go back and maybe actually buy it. LOL