Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Luna must eat her words. LOL

So. Remember when I said...this? I Luna Prat, Will. Eat. My. Words. I am in LOVE with this show. Everyone I freaking know kept telling me "Your going to like it, trust me, just give it a shot" I did, for like 7 episodes, and it was so crude and, just, they were all so mean to eachother, I could not take it, I said.."It's the same epsiode over and over again, they just hate eachother.." Finally my stubborn ass got pushed again to see it (SIGH)..and ended up watching all I could watch on HULU. AMAZING. Why was wrong with me? Me of ALL people thinking they were too mean to eachother? It's HILARIOUS. And Mac (pictured above) is my eye candy. Perfect. So yes. I eat my words. I will be waiting with baited breath until Sept 17, for the new season.