Monday, November 30, 2009

I am obsessed with Ryan Gosling..and I'm almost sure its cause of the style

Now. To me? He dresses classic Bad Boy. Not with all the jewelry, the too messed up's all's all easy and laid back. It is not overly Artsy...almost kinda 90s...Even the coat is with light jeans..not the trendy dark jeans..I love it. Cause man..some of these boys out here are killin me. LoL! Needless to say...he is my new crush...The Motorcyle pic? *faint* but my favorite by far...we already know..the blue slacks and white tee...and the boots? Yes! Yum all of it. Maybe it isn't just the style...maybe it really is just him...But the style reallllly seals the deal..LoL