Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sad...Very Tehran, Iran...Her name was Neda

All over the internet there is video of a woman (video brought me to tears, it's very intense) a student, her name was Neda she was protesting in Iran. Yesterday she was shot and killed by a Basij . So incredibly sad she has become literally overnight the symbol of the fighting going on in Iran. I will not post the video cause its really graphic, but if you want to see it...Click here...(it is 40 seconds, but there are more versions, but this is the main one, I'm warning you its heavy and sad) I think it is crazy that all the stuff that is happening is coming out through Twitter. It is crazy, Journalists are not allowed to broadcast or to report stories, so the people of Iran especially the youth have gotten together to make sure that their voices get out. Read more here.
I also think its important to note that more women have voted and fought than ever before in Iran.